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Galvaknuckles in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, Zombies

Updated on May 20, 2015

Galvaknuckles Attributes

Green Run, Tranzit
Fire Rate

The Galvaknuckles are one of the most power Melee Weapons that can be found in Call of Duty Zombies. Not only do they take zombies down up to round 14 with one hit, but they are also needed for giving away points and several Easter Eggs. The Galvaknuckles are also very effective against flaming zombies because it is the only manner for killing them that will not result in them exploding.

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Chalk outline of the Galvaknuckles.
Chalk outline of the Galvaknuckles. | Source

Maps Where Galvaknuckles are Available

Survival Mode

  • Buried - In Buried the Galvaknuckles are able to be Drawn on the Wall. The Chalk can be found in the Gunsmith Building.
  • Die Rise - The knuckles can be found in the Elevator Shaft that leads down to the Buddha Room.
  • Nuketown - The Galvaknuckles are in the trailer in the center of the map. You must spend 3000 points to open the door, and then stab the boxes out of the way.
  • Green Run, Tranzit - At the Diner Area inside the actual Diner. You must install the hatch in order to access the Galvaknuckles.
  • Town - The Galvaknuckles can be found in the Bar at the bottom of the steps.
  • Farm - In Farm Survival the Galvaknuckles are in the small shed.

Grief Mode

  • Town Grief - The Knuckles can be found in the same location as Town Survival, at the bottom of the steps in the Bar.

Punching the Signs for Mined Games, The Buried Easter Egg.
Punching the Signs for Mined Games, The Buried Easter Egg. | Source

Abilities of The Galvaknuckles

The main ability of the Galvaknuckles is to kill zombies. However, the Galvaknuckles have more secondary uses than any other weapon in the game.

Killing Zombies

  • The GalvaKnuckles are a one hit kill until the end of round 13, Round 14 for Flaming Zombies.
  • They are a two hit kill until the end of round 20, and a three hit kill until the end of round 25.

Zombie Bosses and Creatures

  • Avogadro (Electric Man) - In Tranzit the Galvaknuckles are highly effective against the Avogadro. It is only two hits, but only when the Avogadro is in human form.
  • Denizen - The Galvaknuckles will kill the Denizen in one him if you strike them before they get on your head, or two hits after they jump on your head.
  • Jumping Jacks - The Galvaknuckles are a very effictive weapon against the Jumping Jacks. They are a one hit kill for the first two - three rounds of Jumping Jacks.
  • Ghosts - In Buried the Galvaknuckles will kill the Ghosts in one hit until late round. If it does not kill them in one hit it will prevent them from taking your money. The timeing has to be very good in order to not have money taken while punching them.

Transfer Points

The Galvaknuckles can be used to transfer points to other players in both Green Run and Buried. In order to do this the player must first punch the keys in the bank, and then press their action button to enter money into a 'Bonus Points' Power-Up.

Easter Eggs


In Grief the Galvaknuckles can be used to push players. This can allow the player to stop enemies from reviving, push players into the lava, push players into a train, push players off of buildings, or move a player out of your way.

The Galvaknuckles are only available in one grief map - Town Grief.

What You Need To Know

  • Galvaknuckles create an electric shock that can stall zombies when it does not kill them.
  • Unlike the Bowie Knife and the Sickle, the Galvaknuckels do not combine with the Ballistic Knife.
  • There was a glitch in Green Run that allowed Players to upgrade the Galvaknuckles. They were called the Zombie_Tazer_Knuckles, but did not increase in strength. They would be lost if the player picked up a weapon. This glitch has been patched.
  • The Galvaknuckles have a long animation that includes the player punching their own hand. If you are downed before the animation is finished you will lose the Galvaknuckles and your 6000 points.
  • The Galvaknuckles are not available in Mob of The Dead, but a more powerful Melee Weapon can be obtained, The Golden Spork.

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