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Games Like League of Legends - The Best Moba Games

Updated on October 22, 2013

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Games Like League of Legends

With League of Legends being such a huge hit, I guess big granddaddy Dota is already overtaken by it in terms of popularity. Below are some upcoming moba games that you should check out.

Panzar | Source


If you enjoy the dueling aspect of LoL and less of mob killing and farming, then this game might just be for you. It focuses mainly just on dueling. Panzar is a free to play game with 8 different classes that you can choose from. There are primarily 4 races that you will see. The humans have Paladin and Inqusitor. The orcs have Berserker and Tank. The elves have Sorceress and Witch. Finally, the dwarves have Sapper and Gunner. The combat is free targeting and you use the left mouse button for attacks and right for special attacks. It is also a highly intensive potion spamming game.


Smashmuck Champions

This is a 3D focused game. It has a mix of strategy, skill and plenty of fighting action. You can manage your own Smashmuck team and take them to battle. There are a lot of different champions that you can choose from. They mainly focus on heroes as well, so there are not any mobs that you can kill or farm.

They are mainly four different types of matches. They are:

  • Plunder Ball - Capture the Flag
  • Siege - Tower Defense
  • Conquest - Point Control Capture
  • Destroyer - Resource Combat



This is a highly graphical 3D Moba game created by Hi-Rez studios. Unlike League of Legends, it has a third person perspective. You can only see what is in front of you, so meaning you will be wide open to back attacks easily unless you keep a lookout of what is behind you. It is also a skill oriented game, as you have to aim at the enemy with your normal attacks and also your specials. This is quite a good game for skill freaks.


Bloodline Champions

Similar to Smite and Panzar, this game focuses on the skill aspect, where everything requires manual targeting. The other interesting things it that critical hits and passive buffs are not in the game, as that takes away the skill factor. Even the healing spells has to be aimed manually. Talk about being skillful. Teamwork is of utmost importance here. If you have some really bad teammates, chances are you probably will lose the game. The champions in the game are called bloodlines, with their own unique abilities and skills. Try this game out if you are all about skillzz.



Developed by Waystone Games, players get to choose heroes that possess unique abilities and spells. This is very similar to the classic Dota, but with a main difference being that there is only 2 lanes instead of 3. Towers can respawn and the minions can be upgraded as well. They also have something called the Spirit Well that can help your team generate more income. You can also choose your role such as the brawler, jungler, assassin or support. Pretty cool huh?



With a similar gameplay style to LoL, it focuses on robots instead of the classic fantasy type setting. So if you like robots and mechs, then this game would appeal to you. It has a very transformers feel to it. You can transform your robot and shoot at your opponent and you can build stuff as well. It is more of a solo type or you can also play co-op on a 3v3 match. It has a Starcraft Terran feel to it.


Dota/Dota 2

Well, it wouldn't be a complete list if I don't include the granddaddy of the best Moba games in this genre. Dota is actually from Warcraft 3 custom map. This is where it all came from. It was super popular and people to this day still play this. The graphics aren't the best, but the game play is terrific. In fact, this game has evolved into Dota 2 where the graphics are much better and the game play remains the same. Like LoL, you get to choose a variety of heroes such as Pudge or the Invoker and team up with your mates to kill your opponent's main building. I would say if you like LoL, then Dota would definitely be the game that you would also enjoy.

Conclusion to Games Like League of Legends

There you have it! If you ever are interested in other Moba games, you ought to check out these new ones!


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