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League of Legends Custom Skins - Creative and Cool

Updated on July 22, 2013
Best League of Legends Custom Skins
Best League of Legends Custom Skins | Source

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The Best League of Legends Custom Skins

As League of Legends start gaining incredible popularity, the amount of custom skins made for each of the champions increases as well. I am going to give you my opinion on some of the best skins available to the LoL community. These top 11 skins are in no particular order.

Spider Amumu
Spider Amumu | Source

Spiderman Amumu

How can you not like a Spiderman champion? Amumu is the best hero for this. All the skills are Spiderman like, making it your own little champion that likes to spin webs! Be sure to check them out!

Demonic Xin retexture (originally by YARUOSU)
Demonic Xin retexture (originally by YARUOSU) | Source

Demonic Xin retexture (originally by YARUOSU)

This new skin is for the champion Xin Zhao. The coloring is dark and makes it way cooler than the original. He also has red eyes as well. If you like a devil looking like champion, this will do it.

Crash Bandicoot Lulu
Crash Bandicoot Lulu | Source

Crash Bandicoot Lulu

If you ever played Crash Bandicoot, it is this spinning animal that likes to go on adventures. It is similar to super Mario. This skin is inspired by this very game, making it a very unique skin.

Fiddlesticks Ketuchup Skin
Fiddlesticks Ketuchup Skin | Source

"I Love Ketchup" Fiddlesticks

How can you not like this wonderful design. It is a cross between Jack Skellington and the delicious ketchup! Jack Skellington is a famous Disney character and this champion is somewhat inspired by it as well.

Song Last Song
Song Last Song | Source

Sona Last Song

How about a guitar rolling girl playing as a support champion? Sona has red hair and some nice side belts that really make her look really flashy like a rockstar!

Tron Shen
Tron Shen | Source

Tron Shen

You want a venom and matrix looking like champion? You have Tron Shen! This is quite a magnificent skin created by MMKH from the League of Legends community. I particularly like the glowing blue of it, making it quite fun to control and play.

Corrupted Caitlyn
Corrupted Caitlyn | Source

Corrupted Caitlyn

This skin is done by Bo0tzy. "If Caitlyn weren't a cop, she'd be roaming the streets of Piltover!" I vouch for that as well. I like the gun model, complimenting her icon as well. This is an excellent one in my opinion.

Avatar of Khaine Aatrox
Avatar of Khaine Aatrox | Source

Avatar of Khaine Aatrox

This one is made tailor made for Aatrox, the Darkin Blade. Now the orange and magma looking like champion certainly does make it look very intimidating and cool. Now that pose is just epic don't you think?

HoMaM 5 Archangel as Kayle V2
HoMaM 5 Archangel as Kayle V2 | Source

HoMaM 5 Archangel as Kayle V2 by SizorBlade

How about an Archangel fighting by your side using the champion Kayle? This one reminds me of the HOMM3's best and most overpowered unit - The Archangel. The flying and butt kicking minion that is feared by devils!

Jack Sparrow Gankplank by SizorBlade
Jack Sparrow Gankplank by SizorBlade | Source

Jack Sparrow Gankplank

Ahoy! Would you like Captain Jack Sparrow on board your LoL ship? This skin is just brilliant. If you want to relive Pirates of the Caribbean, then this will definitely do the trick. Who doesn't want Jack Sparrow on his team?

Raven Vayne
Raven Vayne | Source

Raven Vayne

This beautiful long range champion that likes to shoot at you gets a pretty cool looking custom skin. I like the tail dress coming out at the back. It looks better than the original in my opinion.

How to Install the Custom Skins

To be able to install them, you will need to download this third party software called Skin Installer Ultimate (SIU). It is a program that helps you change skins in the game easily.

Once you have it installed, you will want to create a new folder for the desktop. Download your file and then put them in the new folder. Open SIU and it is going to ask you to find the lol.launcher.exe. This file is located in your LoL folder. Now you have it installed and you are ready to install and custom skin that you might like.

Use the skin gallery to find your desired one and put them in your new folder. Open your SIU and choose =Add New Skin=.

Add the new skin to the database and click okay on whatever pops up and then click the checkbox next to the icon. Hit install and replace the default skin and viola! Now you have the new one ready to rock and roll!


I hope this guide will help you decide if you want to install this League of Legends custom skins. They are a great addition to an awesome game.


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