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Ghostbusters Video Game

Updated on April 17, 2010

It’s been quite a while since we had a visit from everyone’s favorite professional, paranormal investigators and eliminations, the Ghostbusters, as it has been over a quarter-decade from the classic original film and the two decades from its mediocre sequel. 

Not that the Ghostbusters haven’t lived on in some form.  It had two animated series (one was good the other was to “Extreme”), as well as a comic book series.  I’m not certain whether a third movie is necessary, but it has been under development for way too long. 

Last I heard, some writers from the show The Office were working on a sequel, but there is a plan to bring the quartet (Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis, Ernie Hudson) back together for at least one last Ghostbusters round.  Personally, I think that probably won’t be the best move, as the original quartet might be too old to wear proton packs on their backs. 

However, it was quite simple to get the original Ghostbusters united for this video game adventure.  The four of them lended their vocal talents, and it is good to have them aboard.  One of the things that made the original Ghostbusters work is that practically every line is a classic, and I know many, including myself, who watch the movie over and over because of it. 

The premise involves the player portraying the role of a new member of the Ghostbusters team.  You can choose to be a male or female avatar, and you help out the team on a new mission.  The game has a plot with Ivo Shandar as the main villain.  This is actually a name mentioned from the first film, a crazed architect who designed the “Spook Central” where Sigourney Weaver lived. 

The plot takes you to other places from the first two films.  For example, the Sedgewick Hotel, where the busters first met Slimer.  Then there is the museum, and back to the Sedgewick again for reused backgrounds.  The ending area is in Central Park, and the story has to do with a thing called a mandala, which I still don’t understand. 

On the whole, I would have to say I liked the gameplay.  It really is fun to be a ghostbuster, and on the Wii version, the motion control makes it somewhat realistic.  Part of the challenge is you have to move the ghosts in such a way that it “wears them down”, and this involves thrashing the Wiimote in certain directions.  I must admit that there were times when the Wiimote wouldn’t do what it was supposed to, which made it annoying. 

I brought the Ghostbusters video game for a very low price, and I thought it was a good deal.  I would imagine that Ghostbusters is one of those franchises that will probably never die, as it is very cool by concept alone.  I honestly hope they don’t make a third movie, and this probably won’t be the last video game.    


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