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Girls and Gaming: Beginner Information

Updated on January 3, 2019
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Amber is an avid girl gamer, PC enthusiast, and animal lover. When she's not covered in cats and watching anime, she's kicking @$$ in SC2.

A Girl's Guide to Gaming

One of the hardest parts about a gaming relationship is coming to understand the basics of the gaming world. Most of the time, if you ask a pro a simple question about what something is or something does, they just look at you and laugh you away, or possibly even call you names that you don't even understand. There are still things that I am learning, and it's a never ending process because the gaming universe is always changing, but I can at least help give you a head start.


Different types of games available, with thousands more out there.
Different types of games available, with thousands more out there.

Basic Terminology

Here's a few basic things to learn that most everyone needs to know. If you already know them, you're already on your way!

  • Console Game - A game made for one of the three most common gaming systems; XBox 360 (Microsoft), PS3 (Sony), and Wii (Nintendo). Each made by it's own major electronics company that has it's own specifications for the console, games, and peripherals it puts out. There is also minor consoles that are mobile, such as: DSi, 3DS, PSP, and PSP Go, as well as other less common ones.
  • PC Game - A game made only for use on a computer, Mac, or laptop.
  • Mobile Game - A game that you download and play on your phone, iPod, or tablet. They can also sometimes be connected to Facebook for added benefits and advancement.
  • FPS - First Person Shooter, or just Shooter. A favorite among console players due to Call of Duty, Halo, and Rainbow Six.
  • MMORPG - Typically called MMO, it stands for Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. Mostly known now for World of Warcraft (WoW), and Lord of the Rings Online (LotRO).
  • RPG - Role Playing Game. Most games can be under one of the RPG classifications, due to it's broad expanse of game coverage. Basic RPG's have to deal with following a storyline, either loose or strict, upgrading certain skills, like magic, strength, or agility, and leveling up to defeat the last boss(main enemy). The Fable series, Elder Scrolls series, and Fallout series are all RPG's.
  • Sim- Simulation games. These games tend to simulate real life (to an extent), and make you build, upgrade, live life, or operate machinery. Examples would be SimCity, Kingdoms of Camelot, The Sims, or the Flight Simulator series.
  • RTS - Real-Time Strategy. Usually involve gathering resources, building, creating an army, and destroying everyone else. Can also be TBS, or Turn Based Strategy, but has the same concept. Most notable RTS's are the Starcraft series, Warcraft series(both by Blizzard), and tower defense games.
  • Music Game - Games like Rockband and Guitar Hero, they, don't really teach you how to play instruments, and from my studies, people who actually can play the instruments, can't play the game. They require lots of practice, dexterity, and coordination. New games are coming out that will actually teach you to play. (Rocksmith)
  • n00b A.K.A. Newb - A "Newbie," or someone with no experience in playing that game. Can also be used as an insult, so try not to use it much unless referring to yourself when asking for help, or gloating to someone you are playing with that you know. Some people take great offense in being called a noob, and will single you out in games and make it miserable for you. Proceed with caution on this one!
  • 1337 - (leet) Used mainly for online computer gaming, it's they're own language (leetspeak) way of saying "elite," or pro. Not as commonly used as it was a few years ago.
  • pwn - (pone) Refers to utter dominance in the game. If you are "pwn3d" (poned), you are beaten completely, and partially shamed. If you pwn. you beat everyone else you were playing against by a wide margin.

There are many, many more things, like terminology and game-based word usage, that I may go into when I review different games, but there is so much out there, it's best that if you can't figure out what something means, Google it. Almost all of it is explained in depth online somewhere. This is just a basic knowledge to get you through the game day.


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