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GodFinger Mana - how to get more free Mana

Updated on June 28, 2010
Need Mana? Fast?
Need Mana? Fast?

Need more Mana?

Mana is the lifeblood of your wonders (powers) in GodFinger. You need Mana to power your buildings, convert unbelievers into followers, create ponds and add lush growth to the parched default landscape, and much more. But Mana often runs out when you need it most. So what can you do, short of spending money (the real stuff) to buy Mana from the ngmoco store? Here are your options:

1. Zoom out and click the FREE MANA! planet.

Pinch your planet so you zoom out into your solar system. You should see 2 light-blue planets floating among the black Add Friend planets and your friends' planets. One will say FREE MANA! Click on it, and then click on the pop-up ad that comes up. After the full-page ad loads, you will have an additional Mana in your account. You can only use this once in a while, so only use it when you need that one extra Mana.

2. Load up Followers around your shrine.

Take Followers from their usual work and throw them around your shrine, either 2 or 3, depending on the maximum. This will double or triple the speed at which your Mana regenerates. When you have enough Mana in your account, you can toss your Followers back at the buildings where they're working.

3. Try to level up.

Get those experience points (XP) in quickly so you can level up. Once you level up, all of your Mana is replenished up to the maximum. So, get that gold in, and wrap up any Goals if you're within reach of moving up to the next level.

4. Enchant your friends' Followers and get them to enchant yours

Visit your friends' planets and enchant their Followers. They'll do the same and enchant yours. When one of your Followers is Super-Enchanted, your Mana is fully replenished.

5. Gift Daily Lottery Mana to your friends, and ask them to gift some back to you.

From time to time when you log in, you'll be notified that you've won a Daily Lottery and given the option to send either gold or Mana to a friend. Send Mana, and let them know to send you Mana, too, when they're given a choice.


These are the free options. If you really get desperate and just can't wait (maybe an army of skeletons are about to devour your Followers and you need to Electrostorm them to smithereens) then go to the Store and buy some. :-)


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      alexxxx39 5 years ago

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      Thx guys great help!

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      Emma Jewel 6 years ago

      Thank you for the tips!

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      Lilithisbrutal 6 years ago

      Everyone add me (lilithvalentine) and enchant me I'll enchant back.

      Ps. I'm an every day player.

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      Uchiha_Jax 6 years ago

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      jessep17 6 years ago

      hey great tips, all of you guys out there, im just starting and i will definitely enchant everything u got if u will enchant me... please lol gamertag: jessepoore15

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      Gumonshoes 6 years ago

      Good tips. Please add me as well: gumonshoes

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      iGeru 6 years ago

      I'll add all of you as friends. I hope this is fine with all.

      Thanx and I wish you all well.

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      I'm not italian if my name is leading towards it .. lol .. Add me SinMafia btw, this site helped me alot

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      Isabella 7 years ago

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      Boots 7 years ago

      I added all of you. Add/enchant me also please!

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      Thanks for the hub, livelonger. Didn't know about the Free Mana "planet" and thought it was something I had to work up to. Cheers!

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      Josh 7 years ago

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      India Arnold 7 years ago from Northern, California

      Strangely interesting. Cool informational hub.