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Grand Theft Auto V Walkthrough: Bail Bond Missions

Updated on October 8, 2013
GTA V is owned and copyrighted by Rockstar Games. Images used for educational purposes only.
GTA V is owned and copyrighted by Rockstar Games. Images used for educational purposes only.

Character: Trevor

Location: Grapeseed

Unlocked After: Mr. Philips

Trevor seems to skirt both sides of the law. At one moment he's fleeing the cops after hitting a bank; on the other, he's hunting down bail-jumping malcontents. Perhaps it's the influence of comely Maude on his otherwise raw soul? Who knows, but it's time for some bounty hunting either way.

Head to Grapeseed and talk to Maude. She's sitting outside a trailer by herself. This will unlock Bail Bond missions. Leave the area and you'll get your first such mission via text. Pop open your phone for the details.

Every time you're waiting for a new mission past this point, either wait for a while or go back to Trevor's trailer and have a snooze. You'll get a new text from Maude almost immediately. Bring the malcontent in and you'll earn $10,000 from Maude when you haul him back; kill the target and you'll be wired $5,000 instead.

Ralph Ostrowski

Your first target is in the Davis Quartz quarry, southeast of the Grand Senora Desert. It appears on the map as a series of tightly-knit, ovular pathways. You'll find Ralph in the deepest, eastern-most pit of the quarry, by a few bulldozers. Approach him and he'll try to hop in his truck and drive away; you should have enough time to stun him from afar. If not, pursue him and shoot out his tires. He'll quickly give up and allow himself to be led to Maude.

Larry Tupper

Number two is an old friend of Trevor's, but, hey, business is business. Tupper is hold up on a farm south of the Grand Senora Desert. Open up the map and look for the Suburban outlet in the west. Across the road from it are four small lots, separated by roads, stretching to the west. South of the largest lot on the left is a road. Follow it up to a large farmhouse and park out back. At the front you'll see two cars; one empty, the other full of guys with guns. This is where Tupper's hiding. Shoot out the tires, kill the guys who come out, and run after Larry. Bring him down one way or another and escort him back to Maude.

Glenn Scoville

The third dude is waaaaay up on the peak of Mount Chiliad. Take the gondola up to the top (the station is south of Paleto Bay) and grab the Parachute near the gondola's exit point. That done, exit the station and climb down the hills a little ways southeast, until you see some red flags attached to poles. Once you hear somebody talking, Trevor will announce himself. This is Scoville. Follow him off of the cliff's edge, activate your parachute - quickly! - and tag him as he descends to the road. Once he's on the ground, chase him down, zap him, and escort him back to Maude.

Curtis Weaver

The fourth (and final) bail bond subject is located east of Paleto Bay. Have a look at the map, following the major road out of the Bay. You'll see a loop in the road. A short ways southeast of this loop is a minor road that leads into a hobo camp, accessible by an underpass in the train tracks. Curtis Weaver is here.


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