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Grand Theft Auto V Walkthrough: Crystal Maze

Updated on October 8, 2013

Character: Trevor

Location: Grand Senora Desert, bar

Unlocked After: Trevor Philips Industries

Trevor is a dude with a dream. It's a simple dream, a pure dream, an American dream (even though he may be Canadian), and he'll be danged if anybody's going to get in his way of seeing it fulfilled. So when the blitzed Cheng and his translator say that they're going with somebody else for their drug-related needs, Trevor is... um... a teensy bit upset.


- Head to the bar where you first met Cheng. You'll meet the duo there again. They'll have some bad news for Trevor.

- Drive out to the O'Neil Brothers' farm.

- Leave the car and run up to the vantage point on the hill. Watch the cut scene.

- You're now tasked with destroying the meth lab. There are a few ways to do it, one of which is simply running in with guns blazing. This walkthrough will use a more subtle approach.

- Start by pulling out your Sniper Rifle and aiming at the two guys shooting barrels, almost straight ahead. Get them both before they can react and call reinforcements.

- Sneak down the hill and head towards the building where the two guys were shooting. Go through it and you'll have a good shot at the farmhouse. There are three guys standing watch on the second floor; peg them all before your Rifle. Get the guy standing on the front porch as well.

- Creep around the back of the house, remaining away from the windows to avoid detection. There's a back door you can use to slip in without a hassle.

- Move from room to room, wiping out the O'Neils. This is surprisingly easy so long as you stick to your silenced Sniper Rifle. Anything else will raise a ruckus and start a massive shootout. You're much better off avoiding this shootout.

- Your ultimate destination is the basement, accessible via the blue dot on the map, which points out a set of stairs on the first floor. Kill the guy down here before he can pull a gun on you.

- Grab the Jerry Can off of the floor. Use it to coat the yellow trail on your map with gasoline.

- Once outside, shoot the gas trail with any of your guns to get the fire blazing. Hop on the nearby ATV and zip away from the house as it burns down. Keep driving until the mission ends.

Gold Medal Completion

Headshots - Nail at least ten enemies with headshouts. If you're using the Sniper Rifle this one's pretty easy.

Unmarked - Complete the mission with a minimum of damage. Go quiet and this, too, is a breeze. Otherwise, take cover often and abuse Trevor's special ability constantly.

2 Birds 1 Stone - Kill two enemies with one shot. There are a few places where you can blow through two guys with a single high-powered bullet, though you really need the Sniper Rifle to make it work. The best is near the back entrance of the house; two guys are inside, having a conversation in close proximity.

Accuracy - Finish with a shooting accuracy of at least 80%. Sniper Rifle makes this easy. If you go in fast and harsh, let auto aim cover your inaccuracies.


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