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Grand Theft Auto V Walkthrough: Trevor Philips Industries

Updated on October 8, 2013
GTA V is owned and copyrighted by Rockstar Games. Images used for educational purposes only.
GTA V is owned and copyrighted by Rockstar Games. Images used for educational purposes only.

Character: Trevor

Location: Grand Senora Desert, bar

Unlocked After: Mr. Philips

Trevor is nothing if not an ambitious man, and he'd like to expand his drug-running operations into the world beyond Los Santos. This means making contact with Mr. Cheng, a businessman with interests that could spread Trevor's market globally. But, well, other people are not so interested in allowing Trevor to succeed...

- Proceed to the checkpoint in the Grand Senora Desert.

- Head to the blue building. You can get in through the door by the parking lot.

- Watch the cut scene. Mr. Cheng seems like a certified pro.

- Drive Cheng and his interpreter to the meth lab marked on the map. You'll receive word of an incoming raid by some rather nasty dudes Trevor may possibly have wronged. May.

- Once the cut scene is over, start firing on the thugs that spawn on your front door. Try to fire on the two trucks that come in first; you may get lucky and destroy them, taking out a few goons in the process. Otherwise, simply lock and load, firing on anybody who comes out of cover. Trevor's ability is, as ever, very handy for shootouts.

- Follow Chef outside once you've covered the first batch of baddies. Another bunch will show up. Do the same to them. For a bit of extra fun, you can fire on and destroy the petroleum tank out here.

- Follow Chef again to the other side of the roof. Another gang of guys will show up. Keep firing…

- … until Chef mentions bigger firepower. Run over to him and he'll give you a Grenade Launcher. Return to your previous position and use the Launcher to wipe out the cars. Hit the cars and you'll kill the guys beside 'em.

- Follow Chef downstairs. Move quickly - you don't have much time. The stairs are at the rear of a small hallway.

- Get behind the bar and fire on the thugs trying to come through the door. If you have a moment to spare, or a grenade, use the Launcher to blow up their car. This will take out most of the guys in one hit, assuming you have good aim.

- Return to the ice box once you've wiped out everyone (or they've retreated) and the mission will end.

Gold Medal Completion

Body Count - Kill 32 enemies. There are a lot of guys to bring down, but that's a high number. Capitalize on the Grenade Launcher's destructive power as much as you can.

Unmarked - Complete the mission with a minimum of damage. Stay in cover most of the time and this isn't too difficult. Using Trevor's special ability will also mitigate the effects of stray bullets.

Scrap Man - Destroy six vehicles. Grenades! Easy as pie.

Time - Complete within 4:30. This isn't that difficult so long as you let auto aim do most of the work in steering your gun. Grenades, once again, make this goal real easy to meet.


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