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Grand Theft Auto V Walkthrough: Daddy's Little Girl

Updated on October 8, 2013
GTA V is owned and copyrighted by Rockstar Games. Images used for educational purposes only.
GTA V is owned and copyrighted by Rockstar Games. Images used for educational purposes only.

Character: Michael

Location: Rockford Hills, Michael's house

Unlocked After: Father/Son

Michael's a rough and tumble dude, but all he wants is to get along with his kids, you know? So when he puts a chair through his son's TV, Jimmy is prepared to spend quality time with his pops… but it's probably not the kind of time Michael's looking for.

- Head to Michael's house. Time will pass, a cut scene will ensue.

- Follow Jimmy out of the house to Michael's car. Drive to Vespucci Beach.

- Approach the bike rental shop on the beach and hop on a bike.

- Race Jimmy to the end of the pier, along Vespucci Beach. Jimmy's not exactly the swiftest rider, so you should have no trouble besting his time. All you really need to worry about is crashing into pedestrians; be ready to brake at a moment's notice. Feel free to ride across the sand if it makes for an easier race.

- Once the ensuing cut scene is complete, leap bodily into the water and swim out to the yacht in the distance. (Now you know why the mission name is 'Daddy's Little Girl'.) Climb up the ladder at the rear of the ship.

- After a cut scene you'll be forced into a race against a pair of guys with guns. Start by gunning it into the outlet in the distance. Don't bother breaking out for open sea - you'll never lose the guys.

- Make a straight break through the tunnels beneath Los Santos, and through the canals beyond. There are a few turns to your left, but don't bother using any of them. Only turn left when you hit an obvious wall.

- The next area is a bit confusing. After turning left, gun your jet ski ahead until you see another wall in the distance. Turn right when you see buoys floating in the water. Any other turns will take you into dead-end piers.

- Gun it all the way down the straightaway. The guys with the guns will give up as you approach open waters.

- Steer the jet ski towards the way point. You don't need to be exact, just beach the jet ski near Jimmy.

- Enjoy the brief moment of familial bonding.

Having some trouble with the jet ski? The biggest issue comes with turning. Most of the time it's wise to heed the game's advice to simply use the joystick to make steep turns. That said, it will turn a bit too sharply if you rely on this too much, and you may drift into piers. Don't be afraid to let off the gas a bit. You can quickly accelerate back to top speed.

Gold Medal Completion

Fastest Speed - Reach the top speed on your jet ski. This should be a piece of cake. Hit the accelerator hardest either when you're going through the tunnels or on the final straightaway leading out to open water. You can also save this for the return to the beach, when you're no longer under enemy fire.

Stabilizer - Don't fall off the bicycle while racing Jimmy. Avoid pedestrians and this won't be an issue. The bike is easy to handle.

Faster Than Fish - Swim to the boat within 1:00. As soon as you dive into the water, return to the surface and swim for the boat. Don't linger underwater.


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