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Grand Theft Auto V Walkthrough: Father/Son

Updated on October 8, 2013
GTA V is owned and copyrighted by Rockstar Games. Images used for educational purposes only.
GTA V is owned and copyrighted by Rockstar Games. Images used for educational purposes only.

Character: Michael

Location: Rockford Hills, Michael's house

Unlocked After: Complications

(Note: Though this is a Michael quest, Franklin can also trigger it by visiting Michael's home. Michael will thereafter be the lead character in the mission.)

Despite all the hate and swearing in Grand Theft Auto V, Michael and Franklin seem to be off to a good start with one another. And the unlikely pair is about to celebrate their wholesome, if unorthodox relationship, when Michael suddenly gets a call from his son. It seems that the greedy lad has tried to sell Michael's boat - but the would-be buyers have instead opted to simply steal the boat. Michael's not happy about this, and he enlists Franklin to get it back. (And maybe his son in the process. Maybe.)

- Enter the front door of Michael's house to trigger the cut scene. (Alternatively, if you're playing as Franklin, walk into the backyard.)

- Run out to the front of the house. The wife's car is waiting. Hop in and wait for Franklin to follow suit.

- Drive to Pacific Bluffs. Franklin doesn't get a chance in the driver's seat, sadly, so you'll have to make do with Michael's less-awesome driving skills. This means no slo-mo special ability. In other words, drive carefully! You need the car in one piece when you hit the checkpoint!

- Once you spot the boat getting hauled away, follow it. The traffic isn't too bad, but the truck hauling the boat is a little unwieldy. Watch out for sudden crashes ahead.

- Get up behind the yacht, and keep the car nice and steady. Once he's standing up, Franklin will jump for the rear of the yacht. So long as the cut scene triggers it doesn't matter how you were oriented previously, though you need to be roughly behind the thing for the cut scene to trigger in the first place. Be careful during this part, as a single crash will probably kill Franklin and force a retry.

- Follow the boat for a while. Franklin will get into scuffles that he can handle on his own; all you need to worry about is driving. If you have trouble with keeping up at a good pace, let the cinematic camera take over. Your car will safely tag the boat's path without trouble.

- Eventually Franklin will run into trouble he can't handle solo. Pull out your gun and fire at the punk that's manhandling Franklin. Don't try to do this when a turn is coming up or you'll almost certainly ram into a guardrail and fail the chase. Be careful not to hit Franklin, as well - you need to aim high.

- Get underneath Michael's son when he swings out on the sail. Not too tricky, as he should fall right into the car as soon as you hit the checkpoint.

- Keep up with the boat, sticking to the rear. Eventually you'll have to catch Franklin on the hood.

- Once the car breaks down, turn around and head to the customs shop to get it repaired. Then take Jimmy home as Franklin. Piece 'o cake.

Gold Medal Completion

Quick Catch - Rescue Jimmy within ten seconds. The moment Jimmy swings out, get the car underneath him. Good placement really helps for nailing this one; stick to the left side of the boat and you shouldn't have any trouble.

Not a Scratch - Deliver Amanda's car with no damage. Another fairly easy requirement so long as you're not too reckless. The drive from the detailing shop to Michael's house is a long one, but keep cool and it shouldn't prove too taxing. Use Franklin's special ability to maximize your chances of making it back without a dent.


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