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Grand Theft Auto V Walkthrough: Rampage One

Updated on October 8, 2013
GTA V is owned and copyrighted by Rockstar Games. Images used for educational purposes only.
GTA V is owned and copyrighted by Rockstar Games. Images used for educational purposes only.

Character: Trevor

Location: Alamo Sea

Unlocked After: Trevor Philips Industries

If you haven't already figured out, Trevor's special ability allows him to become really, really angry. This is a symbolic representation of his character as a whole, I'd say, and his manic rage tends to end with a fair body count. So imagine what happens when somebody tries to deny ol' Trevor a sip of beer, possibly his favourite vice...

- Head to the Liquor Market in Alamo Sea.

- Talk to the two guys out front of the market. Cut scene will ensue, and Trevor… Trevor will do what he does.

Trevor… well, Trevor just can't take an insult. What follows is a bloodbath of epic proportions, one which Trevor will, amazingly, get away with. What a country.

This mission is basically a massive shooting gallery, though in this case the targets shoot back. A series of rednecks will show up, and Trevor will have to fend them off as best he can. Trevor's special ability is active throughout, so the damage you take will be less-than-normal, but it's still quite a feat. Here are some tips for getting through the storm of bullets alive, as well as collecting the needed 25 kills in the process.

- First, take stock of your weapons. You have a rifle with unlimited ammunition, your primary weapon, and 25 Grenades. Not a bad store, altogether.

- Start by nailing the two guys running away from the Liquor Market.

- Other guys will quickly begin to appear, and these ones will fire. Pay close attention to your radar and swivel Trevor around constantly to take them down. A single, quick burst is all it should take for each guy. Let auto-aim handle the accuracy.

- As you're firing, slowly make your way back towards the rear of the Liquor Mart. Not far from a parked truck is a ladder you'll soon want to climb - but not just yet.

- Cars will start to show up, and rednecks will pour out. While they're still moving, shoot at the windows in an attempt to wipe out the drivers. Once the cars have stopped moving, pull out your Grenades and toss one Grenade per car. You may kill some guys, and in the process you'll be limiting their cover.

- Once you have between 20 and 25 kills, climb the ladder. Trevor's health will probably be suffering by now.

- Continue to snipe guys from the roof of the Liquor Market. This is more difficult since you have less room to aim, but you'll take substantially less damage as a result. Nail any guys who try to come up on the roof; otherwise, stay under cover most of the time. Grenades can be effective from up here, especially when going after cars, but your gun is the better choice overall.

- You'll notice a fair number of rednecks congregating at the rear of the building after a while. Let them do so until there are five or six, then aim at the large propane tank. Blow it up and you'll wipe out a bunch of them.

Gold Medal Completion

Get 45 Kills - Not as difficult as it sounds. Stay on the ground as long as you can and keep swiveling around to cover a multitude of targets. Use short, controlled bursts, maybe two or three bullets per person, for your kills. Only retreat to the roof when you're very low on health.

Get 3 Headshots - Until you're on the roof, don't bother focusing on headshots. Trevor will often score them on his own if you give auto aim a chance to work. Once you're on the roof it should be easy to get guys in the head, as many of them are too dumb to take cover.

Destroy 2 Vehicles - Grenades! Piece of cake.


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