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Guitar Hero World Tour Instruments

Updated on July 19, 2008

Guitar Hero World Tour

The new Guitar Hero video game is going to bring a little competition to Rock Band 1 and 2 (yes Rock Band 2 will be released in September, 2 months before Guitar Hero World Tour). The new Guitar Hero will have a slightly different song list than the other Guitar Hero games, as Activision has to find songs that would implement the drums and vocals, not just the guitar.

The new Guitar Hero will have song downloads and completely customize songs that you can upload into Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, or Nintendo Wi-Fi. The only console that you can't upload customized songs is with PlayStaion 2, but you can still customize songs. Once you upload your song, other people can log on and upload your song and then rate it.

Now as for the instruments, I'm not sure how the Guitar Hero World Tour instruments are going to compare to the revamped Rock Band 2 instruments, as Harmonix is not releasing much information about the upcoming game release. But, the World Tour instruments sound hot!

Guitar Hero World Tour Game

Guitar Hero World Tour
Guitar Hero World Tour

Guitar Hero World Tour Wii


Guitar Hero World Tour Bundle Band Kit

PS2 Guitar Hero World Tour - Band Kit
PS2 Guitar Hero World Tour - Band Kit

Guitar Hero World Tour PlayStation 2


Guitar Hero Microphone

The microphone is pretty standard in terms of how it works and whatnot. Basically, it is a wireless addition, which mean it has cords. It doesn't have any buttons, either, so in order to get to the menu screens using the microphone, you have to use the console controller.

While singing with the microphone, if you want to activate Star Power, you don't have to wait for certain sections in the song. All you have to do is tap the microphone or make a similar sound at any time during the song in order to activate star power

Guitar Hero World Tour Drum Demo

World Tour Drum Set

The drums are going to be the biggest improvement between Rock Band and Guitar Hero World Tour (even with Rock Band 2 from the little bit that has been released and with my understanding).

As you see in the above picture, and the video demo, the drum set has 3 centered drum pads, 1 bass drum peddle, and 2 cymbals. The drum set is supposed to be slightly more realistic as it has 2 tom drums, 1 snare drum, 2 cymbals, and the bass drum.

I especially love how the cymbals are centered and raised above the drum pads. They are even positioned on hinged swivels, so that you can re-position them and move them to make playing more comfortable.

The drum pads are 8 inches in diameter, which gives even the beginner more possibility of hitting the pad during a fast song.

Ther entire drum set is wireless and much quieter than the first Rock Band drum set.

If you're wondering how to activate star power, all you have to do is hit both of the cymbals at the same time.

Guitar Hero World Tour Guitar

Activision has improved the guitar so that it has more features and a new more realistic look and feel.

New features and updates include:

  • A touch pad on the neck of the controller. The touch pad lets you alter the notes during sustains by sliding up and down the pad, but you can also use it to just tap the notes.
  • The new back selection button looks like the bridge of the guitar, and is now easier to activate star power.
  • You'll notice that the D-Pad looks more like a knob.

Activision has made the guitar that comes in the bundle pack wireless. They have designed the guitar to have a sleeker design with an accelerometer and custom faceplates.

E3 08 Guitar Hero World Tour - Hot For Teacher - Van Halen

Rock Band World Tour Trailer


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    • Squimpleton profile image

      Squimpleton 9 years ago from New York

      So Guitar Hero is going to try to be a rock band game by having 3 instruments...

      Well, as a gamer I would say I liked the format and song choices of the Guitar Hero games more than I did Rock Band's. So I guess combining the fun of multi-instruments with the great format of Guitar Hero is just asking for the best of both worlds.