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Harley Davidson Watch Choice

Updated on September 1, 2010

We can't be on our bikes and in our Harley Davidson helmet all the time, but our enthusiasm never dies.

A Harley Davidson watch shows your spirit and enthusiasm for your favorite motorcycle brand to the world helping to maintain your unique contemporary look, whilst maintaining all time classic elegance.

There are many styles to suit. Whether you're a pure hells angel or budding for a cover shot of a mens fashion magazine. There is a watch for you to go with all your other Harley Davidson Jewelry. - Be sure to check this link when you've finished reading this article if you want to enhance yourself with more accessories afterwards and complement your new watch choice.


Traditional wrist watches are the most popular type with analouge hands rather than a digital read out. Many watch manufacturers have teamed up with Harley Davidson to spot their logo on the watch, however Rolex is the most famous for this producing a number of their styles with different color faces and chronographs (movable dial around the face showing hours) However this is the top end of the scale, however these can be expensive ($3000+) and hard to obtain.

Bulova watches have also partnered with Harley Davidson and they have been making quality watches since 1919 and all their watches come with a 2 year warranty guaranteeing their quality as well as being a decent cheap mens watch in comparison.

Availability and Design

All of the designs contain the Harley Davidson logo but many have variations of the themes that Harleys are associated it, such as the bald eagle and flames. The black and orange color scheme is also popular and looks nice on metal straps as it suits the exposed metal construction of many Harley Davidson motorcycles.

Recent fashion trends have removed the numbers and replaced with smaller hour markers making the watch look more elegant. Harley Davidson decals certainly matter with matching everything up. A well designed watch will add to the style with impact.

A great place to purchase Harley Davidson watches from is, you can see a selection to the right here. Amazon are usually well stocked and competitively priced too so you can be assured with buying through them. They will will all the latest watches as well as older models and usually have the best prices. They make fantastic gifts for Harley Davidson enthusiasts.

You can also get them from a Harley Davidson store (and test the weight and confirm you like the design) in person however the price is usually higher. The Harley Davidson official online store usually has the latest designs but no back catalogue and they are usually more expensive for the same watch available on

Finally it is worth considering eBay for a second hand model, however be sure to check extra photos for wear and tear on the watch. Older models may need repair if they haven't been cared for correctly, watches are mechanical devices just like your motorcycle. 

Most designs are waterproof to 50M, so try not to ride your Harley into the sea - your watch might stop working! As well as men's wrist watches, women's watches and pocket watches are also available.

Women's Choices

There is also choices for female Harley Davidson watches however the range is smaller than the male watches. 

The watches have the same design cues but often have smaller faces and are lighter in construction to suit a womans wrist better and look more elegant

Pocket Watches

Considered more a collectors item or gift these days. Pocket watches are still favored by many people. Sometimes it's easier to dig inside a jacket pocket than pull off a glove and the leather jacket to see your wrist.

Harley Davidson pocket watches are more traditional and have their place with the right rider.


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