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Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix for Wii

Updated on April 9, 2011

Game Review

This game is a must for any Harry Potter fan. Sure other platforms of this game may boast better graphics, but nothing compares to the awesome realisticness of playing Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix on the Wii. The way you use the Wiimote, especially in casting spells, makes you really feel like you are a wizard within the wizarding world of Harry Potter. This aspect makes you feel more in the game (and in this case inside the wizarding world) and is what makes this game stand out from all other Harry Potter games from previous movies and this version on other systems.

The game follows the story line as presented in the movie pretty closely. I think this version’s graphics are very realistic even in the Wii version. Learning the new unique controls for playing this wizard game are very easy to learn, especially with the on screen guidance given in the game. Basically the game is a lot of fun due to the realistic gaming experience of the graphics and Wii controls. The game is also made in a way everyone can easily learn to play, but still keeps enough appeal from newness/uniqueness and challenge for more experienced gamers. Most definitely a game that can be enjoyed by all Harry Potter fans as well as those looking for a new gaming experience.


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      Wii and Harry Potter 10 years ago

      now this game just totally rules on the Wii!