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Hearthstone Arena Guide for Beginners

Updated on October 15, 2014
12 Wins In Hearthstone's Arena!
12 Wins In Hearthstone's Arena!

How does Arena Mode work?

For starters, you buy an arena ticket for 150 gold.

In my opinion, it isn't debatable between arena tickets or buying a card pack, which costs 100. Simply by buying the ticket, you get a card pack. Add a few wins under your belt and the 150g paid off completely. You should always go for arena tickets, especially, if you add the experience you gain by playing more!

So, you bought the ticket and now it's time to start your draft! First thing to do is picking a hero. You'll have to choose between three heroes randomly chosen by the game. After that, the same happens with your deck. What makes drafting so hard, it's how random it can be. Sometimes you'll only get crappy cards, or super cards that don't work well together. On top of that, you can't see what's coming so it's hard if you choose nice cards but your mana curve sucks.

Recapping, you pick your hero out of three given from the system. Then, you build a thirty cards deck with the same system, that is, you pick one out of three randomly given by the game.

You can win, at most, twelve games. After that, the run is over. However, you can only lose two games. After you lose the third game, you're out. The reward escalates with the amount of wins. The more you win, even more rewards will come! If you can get the twelve wins, you'll win about 500, give or take. It's a nice investment if you know how to draft your cards correctly!

Down below you'll see a video, which is kind of old but really explanatory and thorough. Every bit of information helps to become a better gamer :D! Also, gold is so hard to gain, that it's better to be prepared and spend some time learning. Afterwards, just reap the rewards!

Introduction to Arena

How To Buy An Arena Ticket in Hearthstone!
How To Buy An Arena Ticket in Hearthstone!

Picking your Hero

Picking your hero takes a huge part on Hearthstone's arena draft. Mainly due to the big variation in play style, that each class offers. Some classes are more dependent on their class specific cards, while others work well with neutral cards. Also, many heroes due to their hero power need very specific decks, in order to work properly.

Take a loot at this tier list and try to get the best hero, if possible!

Tier 1 - Mage ( godly)

Tier 2 - Paladin, Rogue and Druid.

Tier 3 - Warlock and Shaman.

Tier 4 - Priest, Hunter and Warrior.

We'll take a loot at each class strengths in a bit.


The Mage class in Hearthstone has been, since launch, the strongest for arena draft. Firstly, the class hero power is really strong. One damage with no retaliation like Druid's or Rogue's hero power. It gives a good board control and stops aggression. Secondly, the Mage's class cards are too strong in a random draft. Fireballs and Frostbolts can easily control the board or go full out on their hero. Polymorphs and Flamestrikes, easily stop any late game plays from your enemy. If you're lucky and draft 3 Polymorphs or 4 Fireballs, with a smart draft, you're on your way to twelve wins!


Paladin Hero power isn't that great, especially against aggro heroes like mage, druid or rogue. But, against the rest it still provides some control and aggression. Pair that up with Consecration and Truesilver Champion, and board control is easily yours. Paladin is more of a control hero, in my view.


Rogue is one of the most aggressive heroes in the game. His hero power will make you sacrifice a ton of health, but with a good mana curve and a nice draft you can ramp up your momentum into a nice aggressive win. It's usually, in your face kind of deck. It provides a lot of early aggression but lacks in control. That's why you have to make smart decision in the start of the game, to be able to snowball into a mid game smash.

The Best Hearthstone Class!
The Best Hearthstone Class!


My favorite hero! Druid's hero power is both offensive and defensive. He's my favorite baby due to their board control. It has a ton of early control like Claw or Wrath. On top of that, Druid's late game is insane. Huge monsters, usually, with two options on play. It gives a ton of decisions and flexibility. That's why i love him so bad. Even in World of Warcraft, he was my favorite class! :D


Warlock's power is his greatest attribute. The power do draw a card at will is insanely good, and the cost isn't that heavy. The worst part about him, is that, his cards usually have a ton of setbacks and consequences like damaging himself or discard cards on play. Health pool is the most important tool and resource in this class. But if you can manage it wisely, it's a ton of fun to play. I prefer early aggressive decks with Warlock, but it's really hard to manage that since everything can happen while drafting your deck! That's why he's so low in Arena mode. He needs a well built deck to function properly.


If you enjoy gambling, than Shaman is for you! His hero power is completely random. It can save you or wreck you. It summons a totem out of four. If you get the one you need, it's awesome. If you get a useless one, at that moment, oh boy, you're screwed. Many of his class cards, use mana from the next round, the effect is called "Overload". You have to play very wisely and calculate well your moves. It's really easy to shoot yourself in the foot. However, when you stack a ton of totems and manage to bloodlust them? Jeez :D! It isn't even fair to the enemy *-*!


Priest's hero power can be quite handy, but it isn't has dominant as most of the rest. With Priest you can only go for a control deck, but he's quite underwhelming. He's fun and can pull off some cool tricks with his spells. However, you really need to be knowledgeable to be able to play him well.


Hunter is my second favorite. Due to his hero power, he has no choice but to go for in the face kind of deck. The problem is, he's really dependent on beasts, which can go really badly if your draft turns out to be unlucky. He only works with very specific combos making him not so viable for arena.


Lastly, Warrior! I just don't play him. His hero power is pretty useless, especially in arena. He offers no control or damage so if your draft is crappy, his hero power won't be of much help. On top of that, in order to do well you need weapons. Since arena is so random, it's quite probable that you won't draft any! He's the worst by far for arenas, i believe.


To conclude this guide, i'd like to point out two things for newbie drafters in Hearthstone!

1- Watch your mana curve. You might get a ton of good cards with a cost of five, six or seven but if you get to that stage already crippled from the early game, you don't stand a chance. You need to balance it out.

2- As you draft decide the type of deck you're going for, as in, aggressive, tempo based or control based. Even if you have to pick worse cards just to fit in your overall deck, it's better than picking better ones and have all over the place deck.

Hopefully, this guide will be of assistance to you. Any thoughts or doubts leave them in the comment section! Thanks.

King of Arena!

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