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Hearthstone VS Duel of Champions

Updated on October 15, 2014
Hearthstone's Tavern!
Hearthstone's Tavern!


Hearthstone is Blizzard's online trading card game. It hasn't been long since its release but, at the moment, it's the most hyped of the bunch. Mainly, because it's from Blizzard and they have a loyal legion of fans but the recipe to success was their usual recipe in Warcraft games. Cartoonish graphics, humor and an enormous, entertaining lore.

Might and Magic: Duel of Champions

Might and Magic: Duel of Champions is Ubisoft's online trading card game. It already has a couple of years on its back. When it came out, their reasoning behind it was the lack of games in this genre, which grew insanely recently.

It was one of most played and it showed a lot of promise. It was and "is" a free to play title with a cool game play and a ton of variety. But it never took off like Hearthstone did. We'll go into detail shortly.

What makes them different?


Despite being a free to play, which is a first for Blizzard, unless you're good it will turn out to be extremely boring.

Simply put, there isn't enough content, at the moment. The amount of cards are low and the grinding is insane. They capped it to prevent bot abuse, but for the casual player or even normal player, the amount of gold that you can gain is extremely low. There's only a daily quest per day, which usually gives 40 gold. After that, for every three wins you get 10 gold, and you can only win 100 gold per day from matches. Unless you have a ton of time to play and you're good, you won't be able to get that daily gold.

Aside the amount of time that takes to get gold, a pack of cards costs 100 gold and it only gives you five cards! In my view, that's the worst part of Hearthstone. You can grind a ton that you'll always be capped. And even if you grind a lot, the reward is so little that it doesn't feel like much.

That's why i recommend doing Arenas. It's a draft mode, where you randomly select a deck. A ticket costs 150 gold and even if you don't win any match you'll get a pack of cards. If you're good you can play arenas alone and make a ton of gold. If you achieve the twelve wins cap per ticket you'll get around 500-600 gold plus a pack of cards. If you aren't good or you're having bad luck drafting your deck, well you're screwed!

It's free to play but it's designed to make you spend your money if you want to feel any progress at all. At least, until you're good enough to keep your gold pool high enough from grinding arenas, which will take quite a bit of time honestly.

They just launched an expansion this past Monday ( 21st of July), which finally brings new cards and a campaign mode. A solo player mode is a must in every online trading card game, and only now it's here. What are they doing with it? There are five wings. You can either buy them all with money or you have to wait for them to launch a wing per week. You either pay to be on the same footing or waiting a full month for it.

It isn't that aggravating but for competitive players, it is. Everyone has the same access to the game, which is good, but paying up gives you access to everything on the spot. Cards, arena tickets, solo player, etc. Even though, single player should be free, since every other TCG has the same feature for free.

If you want a beginner arena guide, check my other hub.

Hearthstone Gameplay

Might And Magic: Duel Of Champions
Might And Magic: Duel Of Champions

Might and Magic: Duel of Champions

Duel of Champions had everything to succeed. They launched when the genre was still small and the game was great on its launch. What happened?

For starters, Duel of Champions is more of a real trading card game. Hearthstone design is real simple and there aren't many decisions to make. It's truly easy and intuitive making it more viable for competitive game play and newbie playing.

Duel of Champions is more complex and has a bigger feel of Magic:The Gathering. I always wondered why it wasn't a big name since as a game it's way better than Hearthstone. Hands down.

A ton of people may disagree but it's the truth. In game play, concepts, variety, game modes and tactics, it's way ahead of Hearthstone. Perhaps, that's why it isn't so successful. It doesn't appeal to the casual crowd. The only thing i believe it's missing, it's a draft mode like arenas. That would make it really complete. Although, it already had a ton of content. Many heroes, hundreds of cards, single player, jackpot tournaments, nine people tournaments with prizes for the first and second player. Many strategies and deck types. It truly is more of a trading card game, overall.

On top of that, they're always implementing new cards, expansions and updates. Despite all that, it still isn't that successful but what nailed their coffin was the previous expansion. They made getting the cards you needed a lot harder. They still have a ton of ways to get cards, but what the audience was used to died in that expansion. However, if you're new to the game and if you grind, even if you win or lose you still buy a ton of cards, which is exciting! They recently launched another expansion that i still didn't try out. Maybe they fixed their greediness! But such measures make sense, with a ton of people moving on to Hearthstone, they tried to make a few bucks of their loyal fans. That's what i think.

Duel of Champions Gameplay

Which one should you play?

Lets see a few pointers!

Duel of Champions

1- Complex

2- Huge content

3- You can feel the progress.

4- Smaller player base.

5- Feels like a TCG.

6- Tons of game modes.



1- Blizzard's game!

2- Intuitive.

3- Slow progress :(

4- Fun!

5- Bigger Audience (Blizzard's legion of fans)

6- Arenas!

7- Cartoonish

Duel of Champions Versus Hearthstone!
Duel of Champions Versus Hearthstone!


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