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Heroes Social Review - Facebook Game

Updated on May 11, 2013 | Source

Heroes Social

This game is quite a new refreshing look to an action role playing game(ARPG). In Heroes Social you get to do a lot of things besides fighting. I am going to give you a brief introduction to the game.

Class Overview

There are 4 main classes. They are Knight, Archer, Mage and Acolyte.

Knight - Your standard melee combat specialist.

Archer - Ranged attacker with good AoE skills.

Mage - Owns powerful AoE spells.

Acolyte - Adept healer.

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Hikapo | Source

Leveling and Quests

Leveling in this game is extremely easy. It is not a grinding game because your battles can be automated.

You just have to do the quests one by one and use the auto find to get to the NPCs required to finish the quest. Each main quest gives a substantial amount of experience.

Gameplay and Battle

Battling monsters are relatively easy. You just have to click "A" to activate auto battle and your character will start attacking. It will also use skills that you put on your hotkey. The only thing that is hard is to do is to single target a monster, which I think they can improve on.

Hikapo | Source


The in game currency is separated into 4 main types. Here they are:

B-Gold - These are used to buy and sell potions, npc armor and weapons.

Gold - These are used to buy crafting and crafted items.

B-Cash - Used to buy stuff from the B-Mall and also used for resurrection.

Cash - This is real value cash that you can use to buy cash shop items.

Mounts and Pets

In this game, you have mounts to boost your stats and also pets to help you fight.


There are all kinds of mounts in this game. The most basic mount they give you is a horse. There are also machinery mounts that can deal damage as well. You are given a brief "tour" by using them in your earlier novice quests to see which mount you enjoy. Your mount has special skills that you can use in battle. For example, the horse gives extra critical hit for a short amount of time.


You can hatch pets and these pets can help you in battle. You are given a pet called Fangerion. It looks like a little dinosaur. There are also other pets as well, but you will have to buy it with real money. Pets can equip souls to boost their stats and deal more damage in the battle. It is a really helpful pet to have.

Upgrading and Crafting Items

In this game, crafting and upgrading is vital.


To craft items, you will need to gather the materials to craft them. To gather materials, you will need to go to the gathering area outside Zephyr City. You start off with level 1 gathering skills, so work your way up. When you gather materials, you will use energy. Energy can only be replenished by energy potions. You can raise the following skills through gathering:

Gather: You can gather flora.

Logging: You can get timber.

Mining: You get ores.

Scavenging: You get pelts.

Fishing: You get bones.

After getting the materials, you can craft items. Each crafting item has a level.

Level 1 flora, timber, ores, pelts and bones makes D grade items.

Level 2 makes C grade items, level 3 makes B, level 4 makes A and level 5 makes S grade items.

Upgrading Items

To upgrade your equipment, you will need to use gem shards. There are 3 types:

Enhance Gem Shard: Used to enhance +1-5 for equipment.

Max Enhance Gem: Used to enhance 6-10 for equipment.

Reliable Gem Shard: Used to enhance 11-15 for equipment.

These can be found in the dungeon raids from the Floating Colosseum.

Dungeon Raids

Each day, you can choose to raid dungeons of different levels.

Each dungeon gives different good items to either help get some rare items or crafting materials. Here are the available Dungeons you can raid:

Treasure Hunter Lv 12

The Gauntlet Lv 25

Border Patrol Lv 40

Floating Colosseum Lv 44

Goulish Cavern Lv 49

Morger's Horde Lv 54

Phoenix Island Lv 60

Underground Altar Lv 60

All these dungeons(except treasure hunter) are extremely tough. It is highly recommended that you go in with a group of players or guild mates. The rewards for each raid will depend on the drops you get. However, they are all good drops.

Heroes Social Conclusion

This game is quite fun. I am still trying to get to level 60. I will be updating this once I get more information.

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