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Holes And Balls Game App For iPhone - Tips, Level Walkthroughs & Cheats

Updated on July 14, 2011

If you are looking for Holes and Balls tips, cheats and level walkthroughs, then you are in the right place. The Holes and Balls game app for the iPhone and iPad came out recently has made it high into the download chart. In this article we will review the game, look for some holes and balls tips, see if we can find any level walkthroughs and also see if there are any holes and balls cheats.

The iPhone app game known as holes and balls is a very simple concept. The game is easy to understand and good fun to play. This is a puzzle game that requires skill and planning, it’s one that will soon have you addicted and you won’t be able to put it down until you have completed all the levels. So now let’s have a closer look at the holes and balls app.

Holes And Balls Game


When you open the holes and balls app up you are taken to the menu screen. Here you are presented with the 30 levels available for play. You can also read the about file which tells you a little bit about the game and who designed it etc…. There is also an option where you can view more apps by the same game designers. You also have the option of joining the Facebook page where you can become a fan of the game.

So now you can choose from the thirty levels to play. To start a level simply tap it. Starting at level one is the obvious way to go and then slowly working your way through all the levels. Level one also tells you how to play the game. The idea is simple, you have to get your ball into the hole. You only have one shot at this, so you must negotiate various obstacles on the screen to get your ball into the hole. To do this you press your finger onto the ball, then a line will appear, this is your aim, now drag your finger back to increase the power of your shot. Then release to fire. The controls really are simple to master and take no time at all.

Each level gets progressively harder. Some of the more advanced levels take real skill and timing to get them just right. The idea is obviously to complete all 30 levels on holes and balls, it is thought that if the game continues to be a success then more levels will come out.


Tips & Cheats

If you want some tips for holes and balls then there are a few we can look at. The first tip involves power. If you fire the ball to hard at the hole it will simply roll over it and fail to drop in. So you need to be a little more subtle on some holes and play the shots gently. Another tip is the fact that on some holes you can squeeze between the obstacles. Sometimes your ball will go through gaps that you don’t expect it to. The final tip involves black holes, there is no real set pattern to where you emerge from one of these. It depends upon the angle you enter from as to where you come out, so try experimenting when using black holes.

If you are looking for cheats for holes and balls then currently there are none available. It may be that as the game gets more popular someone will try to come up with a few but as of now there are no cheats for holes and balls. If any do come out in the future we will keep you posted. To be honest though the levels are really not that difficult and you should be able to complete them all without resorting to cheats.

Level Walkthroughs

If you want holes and balls level walkthroughs then we can have a quick look at some. Most of the levels are not that difficult and you should be able to manage with no real problem. However some are a little more tricky so level walkthroughs are helpful. One that some people find hard is level 23. The magnets complicate the level, but all you need to do is fire your shot against the bottom wall and have it bounce back up into the hole, the magnets should not affect your ball then. Another tough one is level 27. This requires a little luck, fire your ball hard at the bottom wall and it should bounce up between the matchboxes if you time it right. You will not make it clean through, you need the boxes to bounce the ball out and towards the hole, practice enough and you should get it right. Hopefully these level walkthroughs will help you out.

The holes and balls game app for the iPhone and iPad really is a good fun little game. It is currently a free download from the app store so if you want to kill some time then this little game could well be for you. Although with only 30 levels it does not pose a massive challenge, it is still a really good fun little game that is well worth downloading.


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