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Angry Birds 3 Star Walkthroughs For Level 1-5, 1-15, 1-21 - Tips & Hints

Updated on October 12, 2011


In this article we will review a few level walkthroughs for angry birds. We will find out how to get 3 stars on angry birds level 1-5, 1-15 and 1-21. We will also review some angry birds tips and hints to make sure you can get three stars on all the angry birds levels. So if you want angry birds levels walkthroughs this this page is just what you are looking for.

The angry birds app for iPhone, iPad and also android is one of the most popular games in the world at the moment. The simple little game has caught the imagination of millions of people the world over. Although the basic idea is simply to complete the levels, the ultimate goal is to achieve three stars on each angry birds levels. Here we will look at episode one which is called Poached Eggs.

Poached Eggs Episode One


With out a doubt this is the easiest episode on angry birds. The game starts off as more of an introduction than a real challenge, players tend to just learn how the game works in the ealier levels. The early levels are very easy to complete and very easy to obtain 3 stars on. However there are some levels that do pose more of a challenge, the most noticeable of these tends to be level 1-5, level 1-15 and level 1-21. Although these are still quite easy some people do struggle on them when they first start the game, so we will have a look at how exactly you can complete these levels.

If you are trying to get three stars on levels the most basic tip is simply to try to do as much damage as possible. This is how stars are awarded, the more points you earn the more chance you have of achieving three stars. On this episode there are 21 levels to play so ideally you are looking to get yourself 63 golden stars. This is not to difficult as this is the easiest episode, all it takes it a little bit of practice and some skill. As long as you take your time and play all the levels well you will soon have three stars on each level of this episode of Poached Eggs.

Now though we will have a look at a few level walkthroughs just in case you are struggling to get three stars on some of the more tricky levels.

Level 1-5 3 Star Walkthrough

Level 1-5 3 Star Walkthrough


Although only the fifth level of angry birds this is one that some people struggle to get three stars on. When you know how it is really not that difficult, but when you are new to the game sometimes you need a little help and advice to get you through. You have four birds on this level but you can actually complete it with just one. Fire your first bird at the tower and hit it just at the right angle and all the structure will shake and hopefully the large boulder will come crashing down the middle and kill all the pigs. Then you are awarded 10,000 bonus points for each of your three remaining birds, and hey presto, you have enough points for 3 gold stars on level 1-5. Just watch the video to the right and this will show you exactly how it is done.

Level 1-15 3 Star Walkthrough

Level 1-15 3 Star Walkthrough


Another one that tests new players, level 1-15 is not easy to get three stars on. This level you start with 4 little blue birds, you can complete the level with just two birds which of course gives you that all important bonus of 2x10,000. You need to fire your first bird into the middle tower, don’t split the birds until the last second, this causes more damage. Then you need to hope the blocks fall in the right places. The second bird can be used to just finish the job. For a better understanding again just watch the video to the right, then you should get 3 stars on level 1-15.

Level 1-21 3 Star Walkthrough

Level 1-21 3 Star Walkthrough


The last level of episode one is probably the most difficult. You are presented with an array of birds to fire and although it’s easy to finish the level, you ideally want to do it in as few shots as possible to ensure you get maximum bonus points. There are actually a few ways you can complete level 1-21 with 3 stars however yet again there is a video to give you a rough idea of what you need to do. This level though you can get quite a good score on as it really is not that difficult to kill the pigs with just a few birds. Hopefully after this you will have 3 stars on level 1-21 of angry birds.

Although the main objective of angry birds is simply to kill the pigs, there are many games within the game. That is why angry birds has been so popular over the past year. Getting three stars on every level is just one of the little mini games or challenges that people try and achieve, other people concentrate on getting points or golden eggs.  Plus now with the introducion of the mighty eagle this is another game within a game that people can take part in.  If you play angry birds on the iPhone, iPad or android I am sure you will find these tips and hints and level walkthroughs very handy. In no time at all you will have managed to get 3 stars on every angry birds level.


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