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Honey Swamp Doll Of Monster High - Release Date & News

Updated on November 17, 2013

On this page we are going to be having a look at the brand new Honey Swamp doll from Monster High. We will review the new doll, check out the release date for Honey Swamp and also tell you a little bit about this new character soon to arrive at Monster High. Plus we will also let you know about some other new characters and new dolls that will soon be released. For everything you need to know about Honey Swamp, you are in the right place.

Monster High has become one of the most popular doll ranges ever. When Mattel dreamed up this creation a few years back, they had no idea it was going to become so popular. Now we have hundreds of dolls, tons of merchandise and a fan base in the millions! Monster High really is taking over the world. To keep the brand moving forward, Mattel are always looking for new characters to introduce to the storyline, one of the latest ones to be revealed is Honey Swamp, so let’s take a closer look at her.

Honey Swamp Doll

The New Honey Swamp Doll

This new doll was first revealed at the San Diego Comic Con in July. Each year at SDCC we get a few new dolls revealed and this one was one of the bigger reveals. As you would guess from the name, Honey Swamp comes from the swamp and is the daughter of the swamp monster. Interestingly there is actually a place in Louisiana called Honey Swamp and there is a legend that says a monster dwells there, so Honey could well have come from here.

Her doll looks really good. The main feature is her massive tangled mess of hair, it looks really spectacular and will no doubt please fans. Honey has green skin and comes wearing a tattered dress. She really does look good and we are sure she is going to be very popular. As for a release date for Honey Swamp, this will be in the Spring of 2014. Her release date will coincide with the TV special, Frights Camera Action which will also see other new dolls and characters. If we get a more specific release date we will let you know.

As for the actual character, we don’t know that much about Honey Swamp yet. There is no news on a pet or anything so it’s open to debate what she will have. Fans would love to see something like an alligator as she is from the swamp that would be really interesting. She is said to have been raised in New Goreleans which is a nice play on words. We are not really sure how she will feature in the upcoming special but we assume following that she will start to show up regularly at Monster High, time will tell on this one.

Slo Mo Coming Soon

More New Monster High Dolls Coming Soon

As well as the new Honey Swamp doll there are lots more new releases planned for Monster High. One that we are going to see is Jane Boolittle. Her name is a play on Dc Doolittle and she comes with a pet sloth as her pet. Her hair is dark with bright orange streaks in and she comes with a little handbag and what looks like an umbrella. We are not sure of a release date for her at this point. Another doll that will come out with the Frights, Camera, Action range is Clawdia Wolf. She is the older sister of Clawdeen and she is slightly taller than her younger sister, the Wolf family really is a very big one now. Her new doll looks to have bleached blonde hair and she wears glasses and has quite dark tanned skin. She wears a bright red blazer with a little skirt and red boots.

A doll that people have been hoping to see for some time is Slo Mo, well at Comic Con is was revealed that he is now going to be released as a doll in 2014. This is great news as he has been a popular character for a while. There is a real shortage of boy characters that have been turned into dolls, so fans will welcome this decision. His doll comes with that usual glazed look on his face and his hair is in a nice little quiff, he is also waving a little school flag. He is being released as part of the Ghoul Spirit range of dolls that are coming out next year. It could be that we see Slo Mo is a twin pack with his girlfriend Ghoulia Yelps although this has not been confirmed.

Later in 2013 there are also other new releases such as Catty Noir, she is coming in September and as she is a brand new character she is sure to be very popular. One that was releases exclusively to Comic Con was Weberella Wydowna Spider. This is a doll that we have heard so much about for such a long time and now she is finally out there. However, with only a limited number available she is certain to be a very expensive one to buy.

Clawdia Wolf

Another name that has been rumoured to be coming soon is Viperene Gorgon. As you can imagine she is the sister of Deuce Gorgon and her character will be based on snakes. It would be good if she had snakes for hair as does her brother Deuce. This character has not yet been confirmed but it is one that is more than likely coming at some point in the near future.

As you can see Monster High collectors and fans are going to be very busy over the coming months. The new Honey Swamp doll is one of the best new releases we have seen for a while. As we start to head towards 2014 we really do have a lot of new dolls to look forward to. It makes you wonder how many more characters Mattel can actually think of to keep Monster High moving forward, but rest assured there will be more and no doubt they will be met with great excitement. The future really does look very good for fans of the Ghouls from Monster High.


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