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New Scarah Screams Monster High Doll - Release Date & Price

Updated on July 24, 2012

Today we are going to be taking a look at one of the latest additions to the Monster High dolls. Scarah Screams has always been something of a background character at Monster High but now she does indeed have her very own doll. On this page we will take a close look at the new Scarah Screams doll and tell you about the release date, price and where exactly you can get this one from.

Monster High first came to our attention in late 2010. This was a theme created by Mattel and they brought out a line of dolls based on characters who are supposedly the children of famous monsters. The popularity of Monster High has been huge and we now see lots of dolls, TV shows, internet episodes, online games, books and a stack of merchandise. Over the past few years we have seen lots of different versions of all the main characters brought out in doll form, we have also seen quite few plushie toys. To keep people guessing Mattel have also introduced new characters to the story line. The latest new character we have seen turned into doll form is Scarah Screams, so let’s take a look at her.

The New Scarah Doll

The Scarah Screams Doll

So as we said Scarah Screams has always been something of a fringe character in the story. However she has recently made a few more appearances and we imagine now a doll has been made, Mattel will try to get her involved in the story a little more. This ghoul is the daughter of The Banshee who is an Irish spirit who was said to pronounce the death of someone. This spirit was said to have a terrifying scream which would send people into fits of terror and confusion. Scarah Screams is seen as a quiet ghoul around school so not at all like her mother. She has very pale skin and she has white eyes, no sign of any pupils. She usually wears her hair in a little bob held in place by a green band. She tends to be dressed in a lime green outfit with a short skirt.

The doll came out due to the fact that Mattel had asked for fans to vote on what new doll they would like to see. There was a choice between Headless Headmistress Bloodgood, Scarah Screams and the Daughter of Arachne. Scarah just about came out on top and so her doll was previewed at the San Diego Comic Con event in 2012. As you can see the doll looks much like her character does in the cartoon episodes, quite a basic outfit but those haunting white eyes really do stand out.

The doll is supposedly a limited edition so we are assuming only a limited number will be available. The release date has already been and gone and you can now find these online in a few place. At some point we may see another release date and more dolls brought out into circulation. On the other hand Mattel may keep this as a very limited release. Due to the fact that there are not that many of these dolls around the price does seem to be quite high at the moment.

Scarah Screams In Character

More New Monster High Dolls

Mattel the company behind Monster High have been hugely busy this year bringing out various new dolls. The amount on the market now is simply staggering and they have plans to release even more in the near future. One of the popular releases over the summer of 2012 was the Powder Room sets. These were based on Draculaura and one came with a doll and one came without. We also saw Ghoulia Yelps’ scooter released, again you could buy this one with or without the doll.

Heading towards 2013 there is talk of an exciting new release based on Superheroes. We are assuming this will be all out favourite characters dressed up as Superheroes. There is also a big release that we are told will be called Ghouls Alive. This will feature some new dolls with interesting takes on their signature characteristics. In other words as an example Frankie Stein will light up as though an electric current is flowing through her and Spectra glows blue and makes a haunting sound. These could well be very popular if Mattel keep up their usual high standard of toys.

As Monster High seems to get more and more popular we are likely to see Mattel pumping more and more dolls into the market. This latest Scarah Screams doll is another example of the wealth of characters that they can call on and bring out as toys. Fans of the theme will no doubt be eager to get their hands on this new limited edition doll. As Christmas starts to approach this is a doll a lot of people will be wanting so it is going to be interesting to see if Mattel make this one widely available or we just see a few on sale for very high prices.


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