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Hotwheels Retro Entertainment 2014

Updated on November 3, 2015

HW 2014 Entertainment Line - No Longer Retro

This post aims to list all movie car (and vehicles) released by Hotwheels in 2014 for its "Entertainment" line. Notice that we would be dropping the name "Retro Entertainment" as this was only used by Hotwheels on this line for the previous year (2013). Beginning 2014, Hotwheels has rebranded it from Retro Entertainment to just Entertainment (which makes sense since many of the vehicles produced can no longer be considered as "Retro"

Wave 1 (2014) Hotwheels Entertainment

Rating (5 being the highest)
The Flintstones
3 -- Somehow, this considerably fails into comparison with Mattel's first release of the Flintmobile. You can see for yourself with the reference items below
Simon & Simon
1980 Dodge Macho Power Wagon
3.85 -- The details are spot-on, but interestingly, the vehicle doesn't have that much impact or appeal.
Star Trek
USS Enterprise
3 -- Sure the details are there. But the price jump from 99 cents isn't
VW Beetle
4.15 -- It is good. But so is the one produced by JL (Johnny Lightning)
Fast and Furious
Dodge Challenger SRT8
2 -- Now this model is a head scratcher. Why release a previous one when there are tons of vehicles in the FnF franchise?!?!

Wave 2 (2014) Hotwheels Entertainment

Rating (5 being the highest)
The Jestons
Capsule Car
5 -- Now the improvements made on this one is worth of the price jump from 99cent-basic car release
GMC Motorhome
5 -- Great job Hotwheels for this one
Hart to Hart
Ferrari Dino
3.10 -- It's a Ferrari and it has fine details (which are the only reasons why it got over 3)
Need for Speed
67 Pontiac GTO
3 -- The higher ratings are reserved for the other two NFS vehicles
Old School
77 Dodge Van
2 -- It's lucky to even get two. It's already an obscure vehicle and they also got the model wrong (the one in the movie has a spoiler)

Three NFS vehicles in a single year

Here's a little bit of trivia -- Hotwheels Entertainment Line for 2014 produced three different vehicles from the movie Need For Speed and one is released in the basic line. Now this is quite interesting since the one on the basic line is the exotic car Lamborghini Sesto Elemento. This is a vehicle that is used prominently by a major character in the film. Am sure the team have their reasons but wouldn't it better if they have replaced the GTO with the Elemento in the Entertainment line.

Additionally, aside from the film NFS, other film or TV franchise that have 3 or more diecast representation in the Entertainment line are the following:

  • Simon & Simon
  • Batman
  • Magnum PI
  • James Bond films
  • American Graffiti

Wave 3 (2014) Hotwheels Entertainment

Rating (5 being the highest)
Need for Speed
Koenigsegg Agera R
5 -- Great diecast model for a great car
Simon & Simon
1957 Chevy Bel Air Convertible
Need for Speed
2014 Custom Mustang
5 -- Great diecast model for a great car
Diamonds are Forever (James Bond)
71 Mustang Mach I
3 -- Incorrect rendition. The one in the movie has no spoilers
Back to the Future
87 Toyota Pickup
4 -- This one should have gotten five. However, the events of the movie was shown on 1985. This model says 1987 Toyota Pickup Truck. Looks like Marty went ahead in the future and scored a truck without Doc knowing

Wave 4 (2014) Hotwheels Entertainment

Rating (5 being the highest)
Fast and Furious
70 Dodge Charger R/T
2 -- Really, this particular model is saturating the market (read my Fast and Furious to know just how many times these model has been released and by what toy manufacturers)
Casino Royale (James Bond)
2010 Aston Martin DBS
5 -- this is the first time this model has been released in 1:64 scale, and HW did a great job on it
The Karate Kid
Ford Super De Luxe
4.5 -- sure it has inaccurate wheels, but cmon WAX ON.. WAX OFF
Tommy Boy
67 Plymouth Belvedere GTX
Knight Rider
K.I.T.T. Super Pursuit Mode
5 -- hey it's KITT in super pursuit mode

Wave 5 (2014) Hotwheels Entertainment

Rating (5 being the highest)
The Simpsons
The Homer
5 -- Amazing, truly amazing
The Spy Who Loved Me (James Bond Movie)
Lotus Esprit S1
5 -- If I'm not such a big fan of The Simpsons, I'll say that this is the best on this particular wave. Just like above, Excellent jobs Hotwheels
67 Ford Bronco
2 -- GL has also released this. And just like that one..yawns...
Beverly Hills 90210
65 Mustang
2 -- Great show, but the car, not so much
Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy
Custom '77 Dodge Van
2.8 -- Similarly above, Greenlight has released this model from the same movie. Unfortunately, they did a much better job

Listed at 2014 but released in 2015

The last waves of movie car diecasts for the 2014 Hotwheels Enteretainment Line are released early this year. Because of this, some people might confuse Waves 6 as part of the 2015 lineup

Wave 6 (2014) Hotwheels Entertainment

Rating (5 being the highest)
Back to the Future
Ford Super De Luxe
5 -- For those who saw the movie, they'll know what is the "brown thingy" on top of the car *winks* (hint: it is something smelly)
Ghostbusters II
Ecto IA
5 -- Just like JL's release, this one is absolutely stunning
BJ and the Bear
Thunder Roller
4.5 -- It's a heavy casting and almost accurate. Unfortunately, the smokestacks should be on the rear and not on the sides
Goldfinger (James Bond movie)
Aston Martin 1963 DB5
5 -- classic!
2 -- No matter how iconic it is, the one's released by Hotwheels on its oil can and acrylic packaing is far superior compared to this one (comparison below)

The Best Wave For 2014

The move car diecasts included on the last for 2014 is hand's down the best one for this year. The team has selected famous iconic cars to include on this wave and has done an excellent job in producing its diecast variation. In fact, its hard to say this, but the Batmobile of wave 6 can be considered as the most inferior in the lineup.


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