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How To Build A Toy Train Table

Updated on April 28, 2011

How To Build A Toy Train Table

It was not long ago since the toy railroad normally was built on the carpet or floor. In many aspects the train table is more convenient for children as well as for their parents. One of the key benefits of the train run on the specially designed table is that it would develop a sense of order and discipline in your kid. Inexpensive and medium or small size trains would be more preferable rather that expensive and large scale ones. With the toy train table you will not have train layouts scattered all over the carpet. In the article you will find detailed instructions on how to build a toy train table, a folding train table and different useful tips. Following the instructions below you will present your child or children with something really memorable and important.

Most kids truly adore playing with Brio trains and particularly with Thomas the Tank Engine. Since the train tables in stores are usually very expensive considering a self-made toy train table may be just the right thing for their parents. Just for your information: the pre-made tables are priced round $100 whereas the equipped and better ones as high as 300 – 400 USD.

When designing a train table you should keep in mind the space of the room and many other specific details of the interior. However the train table can be modifiable. Especially convenient it may become with the adjusted hinges. Before proceeding to the instructions make sure you have the material and all the necessary tools: plywood or laminated wood, table legs, braces, 1 x 6‘s, screws, and tools. The self-made table will cost you under $100. Be ready that the process may take up to four hours. Follow the instructions below for your model train table.

Step 1. Measure the room where you are planning to place the train table. When deciding on the most appropriate place for the table, keep in mind the location of the windows, doors, wardrobes, heating vents and any electrical outlets that are in the spot. Scheme out an approximate size of the table, the medium is 38 – 50 in.

Step 2. You may make the table top according to the room specifics. The table does not need to be a traditionally square one but rather be an “U” or “L” type. If the room is not very spacious you may prefer a sectioned top or have the centre open (“U” type) which will allow better access to all parts of the table. The “L” make tables are better fit for angles.

Step 3. Home improvement centers have different table legs on offer but you may well do them yourself. Normally the table legs from 28” up to 14.5” tall however you may have them shorter or longer – depending on your needs and preferences. Keep in mind that large tables would require braces as well. Attach them under each corner of the table base. Make a central hole in one end of each table leg. Insert a double - edged screw and adjust the legs to the table base accordingly.

Step 4. The rightly selected apron will add an elegant touch to the table and provide the place to fix the table braces, legs and parts of the railroad.

Step 5. Make a list of all details you will need when constructing the toy train table. Also enter all measurements.

Step 6. Screw all parts of the table well and make the base solid.

Step 7. Lay out the train tracks on the table. Keep the rubbermaid bins with additional trains and tracks beneath the table.

Step 8. And finally you may wish to apply stain or paint to finish the model toy train table.

Keep in mind that home improvement stores and the lumber yards usually offer wood cutting services which may well save your time.

If your apartment is not spacious enough the folding toy train table will be the right option for you. You may buy material for it, utilize an old folding table you already have or buy one. It may be purchased at auctions, flea markets, or garage sale. You will need a folding table, plywood or laminated wood normally of 4 x 8 foot and ¾ in, yardstick, pencil, screws, screwdriver, and electric drill. Organize free space for your work and follow the instructions below.

Step 1. By means of the screwdriver detach the top. Keep the screws as you will need them latter. However you will not need the tabletop for the train table. Leave the support structure assembled. For the convenience’s sake you may remove the table legs.

Step 2.

Put the piece of wood on the floor and place the support assembly on it. Center it using the yardstick and mark the screw holes with the pencil. Lay the support structure aside.

Step 3. Drill the ¼ inch holes. The screws should be a bit bigger than the drill bit. You may need a vacuum cleaner for the dust in the holes and around the place you worked.

Step 4. Put the supporting assembly according to the made holes. Manually tighten screws to some extent then proceed with the screwdriver.

Step 5. Adjust the table legs if you have removed them. For the convenience sake and you’re your preferences you may adjust wheels to the legs’ end. Put the table upright.

Step 6. Now you may lay down the toy railway and rest of the items on the table.

We hope in the article you have found enough information and now know how to build a toy train table yourself. Whatever type or size of the toy train table you prefer you may find it convenient to adjust one, two or three bins or smaller roll-out drawers underneath it. These drawers and bins will teach your kids manage the space and keep things in order. You may decorate the table with your children, build mountains, small houses, draw a river, trees, place people and whatever your imagination will wish. This way the table will be unique and will always stir positive memories for the whole family.



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