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How To Make Minecraft Run Faster

Updated on January 16, 2011
For more Minecraft tips, tricks and hacks:
For more Minecraft tips, tricks and hacks: | Source

For a game with graphics so primitive they may as well be rendered by a dozen cavemen scribbling on rock walls, Minecraft sure can run like a bag of proverbial doggy doo. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to help it run faster, and only some of them depend on upgrading your actual hardware. Be aware that whilst some people with high end netbooks and decent laptops are able to play Minecraft, portable devices often have a much harder time running Minecraft because the game is an incredible system hog.

'Fast' Graphics

There isn't a great deal of difference between fast graphics and 'fancy' graphics in Minecraft. The most noticeable difference you'll observe is in the trees, which will be blockier. If you're having lag issues in Minecraft, turning to fast graphics is probably your first port of call.

View Distance

Turn down render distance. Minecraft is a memory hog because of all the landscape it renders. Turning down the render distance can make quite a difference in speed because it means that the computer is not working quite so hard to render the game.

Window Mode

Running Minecraft in the default window size makes it run faster. It also makes it harder to see, but if you're all out of options, then this might be the best option left to you.

Additional RAM

If you're working with very little RAM, upgrading your RAM may be the best option for getting Minecraft to work. Systems with 1 G of RAM or less will probably have significant issues running Minecraft with any stability or consistency at all. A minimum of 2G is reccomended, and even then if your video card is especially old, you may still have some issues trying to run Minecraft at high settings.

Video Card Upgrade

If you have an especially old video card with very little RAM on it, a video card upgrade will almost certainly boost Minecraft's performance.

Frame Rate Limiting

Even if you have a great system and a recent video card, Minecraft may still behave in a laggy fashion. Turning on Frame Rate limiting can reduce your FPS to a reasonable number that your computer can handle more easily. Without framerate limiting on, my computer was getting almost 120 FPS out of Minecraft, which was actually causing issues. With framerate limiting on I get around 45 – 60 FPS and the game runs smoothly at the maximum render distance. Hurrah!


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