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Minecraft FPS Mods, Fix Minecraft Lag

Updated on January 15, 2011
For more Minecraft boosting mods, visit:
For more Minecraft boosting mods, visit: | Source

Minecraft updates are wonderful they add colored wool, cake and note blocks that make it possible to rick roll people in game. Unfortunately, with each update many people experience drops in frame rate that make the game almost unplayable. Occasionally this is because somebody has forgotten to take some of the development code out before releasing the update. More often it is because new in game processes mean more system hogging.

There are a great many simple fixes for increasing your Minecraft framerate. I've collected them here and they involve things like turning down view distance, upping the fog, using fast instead of fancy graphics.

This article assumes that you've done all those things. It assumes that you are currently playing on short view distance in a small window and that you're hating your Minecraft life in the extreme.(Although even if things are not quite that dire, these mods will still help you get the best performance out of Minecraft possible.)

Fortunately for many of us who aren't prepared to upgrade ram and video cards, there are a couple of mods that can help Minecraft's performance considerably. They are both developed and maintained by Scaevolus, whose name we should praise to the stars.

[OPTIMIZATION] Optimine v3 (FPS Boost) [1.2_01]

This mod often offers FPS boosts of up to 20 FPS, which can make the difference between enjoyable play and a laggy game that does nothing but lock up every time it generates a new chunk, which is pretty much all the time.

Optimine includes the following features:

FastRender: For more efficient chunk queue processing.

UniText: a completely rewritten text renderer.

Fewer glClears: erasing the entire screen is expensive. This mod avoids it when possible.

Better chunk drawing code: Removing a few useless transforms from the chunk rendering code lets all visible chunks be drawn in a straightforward manner.

Better Tesselation: Modified for speed. TNT explosions no longer cause clients to have horrible lag, and everything in general should feel faster.

Error handling: No more black screen when there's an OpenGL error. This mod results in a decent error message printed to the command line instead.

[MOD] McRegion v5 (Optimized Saves) [1.2_01]

McRegion fixes one of the biggest causes of lag, chunk updates. McRegion streamlines the chunk updating process by changing the way chunks are stored on the disk, making the whole process much smoother and therefore much less laggy. McRegion reduces the number of save files by 500 - 1000x, making the entire game much faster.

McRegion is an excellent mod for people who want to play Minecraft on laptops.


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