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How to beat Papa Pear Saga Levels 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20

Updated on April 14, 2014

In this guide, I will show you how to beat levels 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 and 20 in Papa Pear Saga. These levels aren't too challenging, but they will test your game playing abilities a bit.

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How to beat Papa Pear Level 11

For level 11 of Papa Pear Saga, you have to bring down all the fruits and reach 26000 points. This is very easy to do, as the board isn't too difficult. Some tips to help you are:

  • Aim for the grande pins only. That's all you need to do to get all the fruits to the bottom of the board.
  • To get the maximum amount of points, take out all of a certain type of obstacle (acorns or carrots) to get a double pin. Then use that double pin to maximise your score. Although, the papa pears you have left over are worth points when they are shot out, so your score can boost that way.

How to beat Papa Pear Level 12

In papa pear saga level 12, you have to get at least 35000 points and light up all the buckets. This is easily done once the top three layers of berries have been removed. Tips are:

  • To achieve the most amount of points, remove the red vegetables in the middle of the board to get a multiplier pin. This will help you achieve the point limit easier.
  • First start by firing off a couple of papa pears to the sides of the board. This will open up a few gaps in the board.
  • Fire your papa pears in the area you want to light up the bucket. For example, if you are trying to light up the end bucket on the right - then fire at the end of the board on the right side.

How to beat Papa Pear Level 13

For papa pear saga level 13, you have to light up all the buckets and achieve a minimum score of 40000 points. This is a bit challenging, but overall it is a fun level. Some tips are:

  • To get the maximum amount of points, you can remove all the red vegetables to receive a multiplier pin which will help boost your score a lot.
  • First shoot a couple of papa pears down the carrot tube. This will allow you to light up the middle bucket and hopefully the two adjacent buckets.
  • Next, fire a papa pear at the double pin. This will release another papa pear that will destroy most of the acorns. This will then allow you to light up the end bucket to the left.
  • Finally, shoot a few papa pears to the right of the board. With a bit of luck one will end up in the end bucket.

How to beat Papa Pear Level 14

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Papa pear saga level 14 requires you to reach at least 40000 points and remove 10 acorns. This is very easy to do, as the obstacles in the way of the acorns aren't that hard to work around. Some helpful tips are:

  • First, shoot a papa pear straight down to hit the first acorn.
  • Next shoot two acorns at the top sides, to remove those acorns.
  • Then shoot some more papa pears at the sides and middle. Shoot them so that the papa pear is directly on target to the acorn.
  • If you can, use a grande pin to remove some of the obstacles in the way of the acorns.

How to beat Papa Pear Level 15

In level 15 of papa pear saga, you have to reach a minimum of 45000 points and remove 50 carrots. This is a very fun and enjoyable level. Some tips to help you along the way are:

  • First try to hit the multiplier pin that is on the board.
  • Next, shoot a papa pear straight down. This will remove two pieces of carrot and more as it bounces around on the obstacles. Don't worry if you can't reach a few pieces of carrot as there are more than 50 pieces.
  • If you can, shoot a papa pear at the inside of the carrot ring at an angle. If done correctly, it will slide down 10 or more pieces of carrot and then may hit some more carrots on its way to the bucket.
  • Just shoot directly at the carrots for this level. You want to make sure the papa pear will bounce back to hit more carrots, but this level isn't too complicated.

How to beat Papa Pear Level 16

In papa pear saga level 16, you have to reach 90000 points and light up all the buckets. This is a somewhat challenging level, but it also has its enjoyable moments. Tips:

  • At first, just fire your papa pears anywhere. It doesn't matter for the first 2-3 as you have to clear the top row of acorns to reach the rest of the board. So with that in mind, shoot one right and one left. This will then give you some gaps to shoot into to light up the buckets.
  • Try and aim for the multiplier pin. Don't shoot too many papa pears at it though. Only two if you are really trying to get it. Otherwise just wait for the board to clear naturally before you try and get it.
  • When trying to go for buckets, just focus on the area above the bucket as the papa pears usually bounce in off the lids of the other buckets anyway. Don't fire at a really specific area, as then you are not giving the papa pears enough chance to bounce in.

How to beat Papa Pear Level 17

For papa pear saga level 17, you have to get 151000 points and light up all the buckets. This is quite a challenging level to do without boosters, but it can be done! Some tricks and tips for you are:

  • First aim for the multiplier pins, as you will need them. If you don't get them you will have a very hard time trying to reach 151000 points.
  • Then fire some papa pears into the obstacles. They should bounce around and remove quite a few of the acorns and berries for you.
  • With those open gaps, shoot some papa pears down them to hit the buckets. This will allow you to remove the lids off the buckets easier.
  • Use the sides of the board to bounce papa pears into buckets. Also use the springy blueberries to bounce the papa pears into the buckets. Often they can send the papa pears to where you want them.

How to beat Papa Pear Level 18

For papa pear saga level 18 you need to get 100000 points and remove 60 acorns. This is a cool looking level and it is very enjoyable to play! Still, it can be a bit challenging. Some useful tips are:

  • Hit the multiplier pin first of all. This can be done by bouncing a papa pear off the side off the carrot structure to the right of the board.
  • Fire a papa pear at each of the carrot structures so it lands in the middle and makes a big hole. This will then make the papa pear hit the split pin - and in the process take out a load of acorns!
  • Furthermore, by firing at the middle of the carrot structure, your papa pear could bounce 50 times and make a grande pin appear. This is useful for knocking out a sizeable chunk of the leftover carrots. Allowing you to destroy the acorns underneath.
  • To get the maximum amount of points, keep a few papa pears in the cannon once you complete the level. This will then give you points for each papa pear it will fire out after.

How to beat Papa Pear Level 19

Level 19 of papa pear saga requires you to get 180000 points and bring down all the fruits. This is a difficult level to do without boosters. But it is not impossible! A few helpful tips are:

  • First, aim for each of the multiplier pins. Get them all as it will greatly help your game play and for you to reach the minimum score limit.
  • Break down each of the triangles by firing a papa pear into the middle of it. This will slowly break down the triangle and it will clear the way for the fruits to pass.
  • Next, just knock the fruit off the perches. This will make them roll off the edge and into the buckets. Be sure to knock them into a space where they can roll off. If they get stuck, it may take quite a few papa pears to get them unstuck.

How to beat Papa Pear Level 20

For level 20 of papa pear saga, you have to reach 73000 points and light up all the buckets. This is a hard level, as you have multiple bouncy blue berries in the middle of the board - which knock your papa's away from the middle bucket. Some tips to help you beat this level are:

  • Start off by hitting the multiplier pin in the middle of the board as this will make you reach your 73000 point minimum easier.
  • Next, slide a papa pear down the outer carrot branch, as then you can hit the double pin which gives you another papa on the board. This will help you in lighting up the buckets to the sides of the board.
  • To light up the two bukets that are just in one from the edge, you can either shoot papa's down the middle to try and light them up or shoot a few papa's to the sides of the board and let them drop into the buckets. I would advise the latter, as the bouncy blue berries make it difficult for any papa to go through the middle successfully.
  • Finally, to light up the center bucket is very difficult to do with a papa. In the video I get a pin which allows me to light up a bucket. This is what you want to get as well. To get the pin, you have to get seven papa's in the same bucket. Otherwise, you have to time your shots perfectly through the middle of the board.


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    • crazyduck profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago

      I am not the game maker or in no way affiliated with the game. I thought that lives replenished over time so you can have more goes at the levels you are stuck on. I am not quite sure what the problem is but you could send an e-mail to the support team at King games. Hopefully that will resolve your problem.

    • profile image

      Debra Hanks 

      4 years ago

      Once again im at episode 300..can't get my lives as usual. ..very unfair that i have to wait till you read my message. .

    • profile image

      debra hanks 

      4 years ago

      Ive just completed level 225..I have 101 lives but as usual it wont give me my lives ..I can't get thru the episode. I go thru this everyday.can't get my lives or send lives.plz fix


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