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How to Get Diamond Camouflage on Call of Duty WWII

Updated on November 22, 2017


Diamond Camouflage has been in the last few Call of Duty titles. While it is not impossible to get, some classes of weapons are more difficult to achieve that others. For instance in the current Call of Duty game World War 2 I have already gotten diamond sniper rifles as this is one of the easier weapons to achieve this camouflage on.

How to get diamond camouflage

In order to get diamond camouflage one must complete all challenges on every weapon in that class. For instance, if you want diamond camouflage on your combat shotgun, you will need to achieve gold camouflage on the toggle action, and both double barrel shotguns. Once you have unlocked gold camo on all guns in that class you will then unlock diamond camouflage on all guns in that class of weapons.

Choosing the weapon class

In past Call of Duty games all of the initial challenges involved starting with headshots in order to complete the first step to diamond camouflage. This is not the case in the current game in which sniper rifles and shotguns just require a 1 shot kill in order to complete the first step. I would argue that sniper rifles is by far the easiest to acquire diamond camo as I was able to complete this within my first 24 hours of game play.

If you are going with shotguns playing the right game mode will help you complete this faster. Playing a game mode like war will allow you to get kills close range while enemy players are rushing the objective. Please keep in mind that if you use explosive shells this will not count toward your one shot kills if the fire aspect is what kills the enemy, even if you fired only 1 round.

Sniper rifles is by far the easiest as said before to get 1 shot kills. All of the bolt action snipers if used correctly can get you a 1 shot kill in any game mode. I played war to get gold camouflage on all the 1 shot kill snipers. I saved the Karabin for last in which I used a 4X4 scope and played a combination of hardcore domination and hardcore team death match which ensured a 1 shot kill each time.

Assault Rifles / LMG's / Sub-Machine Guns I will put all under the same class. These weapons require 100 head shots before you can start the other challenges. I highly suggest using the "High Caliber" attachment as this will significantly increase your chances of landing a head shot on the target. If you are going to complete these weapons first, playing the game mode of choice is suggested. I personally suggest going for objective based game modes for completing these challenges, but no matter what game mode you play, over time the headshots will come.

Game modes to play

While going for the shotguns and sniper rifles any game mode can work to your advantage, but game modes like War can significantly help your chances at completing these chances of getting one shot kills. If you are playing the objective you should have no problems being able to get one shot kills and complete these challenges significantly faster.

Assault Rifles / LMG's / Sub-Machine guns once again I will put into the same category. While playing any game mode can help you I personally suggest palying objective based game modes. If you are playing team death match, everyone is trying to get the quickest kill for their team, which can make it difficult at time to focus on getting a head shot. With that being said, if you are playing domination you may have an extra second to focus on someones head as they are capturing an objective, giving you a free head shot. While I suggest playing the objective to help your team and your win ratio, playing objective based games can significantly help you achieve those first 100 kills significantly faster.

Playing hardcore game modes is another option. If you are inexperienced to hardcore you may have a much tougher time, although head shots will be one shot kill in this game mode, making it much easier to complete the challenge if you can manage to hit their head.

The other challenges.

Other than the initial 100 head shots or 100 one shit kills there are other challenges to complete. The two easier ones are 50 kills while using the division associated with the weapon and 50 kills using a division other than associated with the weapon. These are easy to complete, and will be completed while playing the game on a normal basis.

Another challenge is getting 5 bloodthirsty medals which in order to complete you will need to gt 5 kills without dying all coming from the same weapon. This may be a little tougher of a challenge, but just remember not to throw grenades, or things that will interrupt your bloodthirsty.

Another challenge is getting 10 payback medals. This means that you must kill the player that killed you last. Whether it be that you had just dies, or a couple minutes later, you must kill that last player that killed you in order to achieve this medal.

Another challenge is 2 rapid kills 5 times. In order to get a 2 rapid kill one must kill 2 enemies within a short amount of time. This means that you must kill two players within a second or two, which typically happens best if they are close to each other.

Once you complete all challenges within a weapon you will unlock gold camouflage. It is best suggested that you then move on to the next weapon to not only help you unlock diamond camouflage faster, but also help you rank up faster with the weapon challenge bonus xp.


Overall getting diamond camouflage is not difficult to achieve, but will take time. You will have the fastest success getting diamond camouflage on sniper rifles, as they are the easiest to get, but over time you can achieve diamond camouflage with little effort. If you do have any questions of comments please place them below.


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