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How do you move buildings in cityville?

Updated on January 13, 2012

How to move buildings in cityville?

So, you’ve been playing cityville for a while now or maybe just started. Maybe you have expanded your city in cityville and you want to re-arrange your buildings and road. There must be a question in your mind that how would you do that, how would you move your buildings and roads in cityville?

You have come to the right place. In this article I will be writing about how to move buildings in cityville. It is actually not a difficult task to move your buildings, but what‘s difficult is that how to arrange your buildings so that it remains connected to the roads and your city looks beautiful and well arranged.

To move any object in cityville, click on the tools icon present on the bottom right of the cityville screen. The tools icon looks like an arrow (just like your mouse pointer). A list of tools will pop up. Select Move from the list. Now, click on the building you want to move and then move your mouse pointer to the new location of the building and click once again. Make sure that the building is placed at a place where it shows a green square.

If after selecting the building to move you are not sure where to place it or if you select a building which you didn’t want to move but you selected it by mistake and want to place it at its original place then click on the cancel button and the building will be placed at its original place.

Colors of Squares while moving building

While placing a building you might see the squares of red, yellow or green color. So, what do they signify?  Here is the answer to the question.

The red colored square signifies that you can’t place the building at the location where you have your mouse pointer. In this case you will need to choose another place for your building.

The yellow color signifies that you can place the building at that place but it is not connected with the roads. You can place a building there but it is advised that you should not place it because if your building is not connected to the roads then it will not generate revenue, whether it is rent or collecting from business. However, community buildings are not required to be connected to the roads and you can always place them anywhere you want.

The green color signifies that your building can be placed at that place and it will be connected by the roads so that you can collect city coins from them.

Now the real question would be coming to your mind. How can you place the buildings in your city without using roads? It is obvious that if you try to place your buildings besides roads then you will need too many asphalt roads and this road will take up too much of your space which could be used for your businesses or houses.

So, now I will tell you how you can place the buildings in your city without placing them besides the roads and still be connected to them. Yes, it is possible to place the building in such a way.

First of all you will need to learn a secret about roads. And that is roads connect every building in your city and your citizens use roads to move from one place to another in your city. But actually it is not the road that is used by the citizens but the sidewalks. So you don’t actually need too much of road rather you can use sidewalks which consumes less space in your city and that can still keep your buildings inter-connected. But make sure that the sidewalks are connected to the road in some way. You will understand better after watching the pictures of how I connected my buildings by using sidewalks.

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