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Hubsan X4 Air Pro H501A

Updated on January 31, 2017

What Drone should YOU buy?

If you are considering buying a drone or quadcopter and don't know where to start then this article is definately for you. There are hundreds of low cost drones available to purchase today, so where do I start you may ask?

First you must decide exactly what you want from your drone flying experience whether Aerial Photography is your thing or you are looking at getting into Drone racing.

This article will primarily look a low cost aerial photography drones but will aslo offer suggestions on some affordable entry level drone racers

Low Cost Aerial Photography Drones

There are a couple of excellent low priced aerial photography drones that we suggest you look at before making your choice. The New Hubsan X4 Air Pro H501A will soon be released and this latest 501 model is packed with all the latest drone technology and can be flown using your mobile device and the supplied mobile relay that enhances the WiFi signal and extends the range. There will also be the option of purchasing this quadcopter with a remote control transmitter.

The on-board 1080P camera will capture video and aerial photography and the app will alow you to apply various flight settings.

Another neat little Low cost Aerial Photography Drone is the AOSENMA CG035. This model can be bought with an attched camera and gimbal but I recommend you purchase just the GPS mdel and add your own little action camera

If you are looking to get into Drone Racing then I would recommend any of the low priced drone racers from eachine. Rather than go out and spend lots of money on a fast FPV racer with powerful brushless motors start your drone racing experience with a coreless motor model that can be flown indoors and outside. The brushless motor models are very fast and tricky to handle and unless you are vvery skillful you will crash your Drone and end up with an expensive bill to get it back in the air. The less powerful lighter coreless motor racing drones are far more forgiving and a lot less expensive to maintain.

Hubsan X4 Air Pro H501A

Latest GPS Drone from Hubsan Technology
Latest GPS Drone from Hubsan Technology | Source

Hubsan X4 Air Pro H501A

Hubsan X4 Air Pro H501A

5 stars for Hubsan X4 Air Pro H501A


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