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Ike Silver Dollar and Mint Information

Updated on August 15, 2012

Ike Silver Dollar

The Ike silver dollar was created to commemorate the death of Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1969 as well as the moon landing of the Apollo 11 the same year. Eisenhower is known for being a General of the Army, dressed with five stars as well as the country's 34th president. The Ike silver dollar was intended to honor the well-known, courageous act of of holding his ground against he Soviet Union as well as improving the Social Security program, developing the Interstate Highway System and supporting the Space Program


Directed to prepare the Ike silver dollar model was Chief Engraver Frank Gasparro. The obverse portrays a left-facing, bare-headed profile of the late president. In an arc above him reads LIBERTY while IN GOD WE TRUST reads below his chin. At the bottom of the Ike silver dollar is the date with any available mint mark above it and over to the right.

On the reverse of the Ike silver dollar is the American eagle holding a piece of an olive branch in its talons while it descends onto the moon. In the left is the distant Earth. Around the upper periphery of the Ike silver dollar displays UNITED STATES OF AMERICA with E PLURIBUS UNUM centered directly above the eagle. On the moon's surface you will find ONE DOLLAR and the initials FG are below the eagle's tail. Surrounding the Earth, eagle and motto on the Ike silver dollar is an arc of stars.


Coming out of a silver dollar five year ban that was implemented by Congress, the idea was conceived to create the Ike silver dollar to honor the two-term president and war hero who had recently passed away as well as mankind's first successful landing on the moon by the Apollo 11. The bill for the Ike silver dollar was introduced to the House by Congressman Bob Casey on October 29th, 1969. After a year of political disputes, the bill for the Ike silver dollar was finally approved.

Why the Ike silver dollar was not issued until much later on November 1st, 1971 is not officially known however, it is believed that the delay was due to design deficiencies and numerous trial strikes.

Collectors were eager to get their hands on the Ike silver dollar coins that were released that initial day, as well as those coined up to a few months later.

Ike Silver Dollar

Ike Silver Dollar Production

It was shortly after initial production of the Ike silver dollar that it was realized that the American public really had no desire to carry these heavy, larger coins around for everyday use. Although gambling casinos welcomed the Ike silver dollar at first, they soon grew tired of them as well and found that many patrons were taking them as souvenirs since people assumed that they were rare.

Due to the massive drop in demand at the time for the Ike silver dollar, the Mint decided to only make no more of the 1973 edition other than what was needed to fulfill current orders from collectors. This meant that between the Denver and Philadelphia mints, less than two million Ike silver dollar coins would be created.

Additionally, San Francisco coined the special edition of the Ike silver dollar coins, being the brown Ike and the blue Ike. At the beginning of 1973, they also coined a copper-nickel Ike silver dollar proof version to be included in the proof set.

Changes to the design were implemented for the nation's impending Bicentennial for a few years however, the original design of the Ike silver dollar returned for 1977 and 1978. It was then that the Ike silver dollar series was terminated to allow for the Susan B. Anthony mini-dollar.

There are not any especially rare dates within the coinage of the Ike silver dollar however, due it several issues in 1971 and 1972, some that were coined at the Philadelphia Mint were made poorly and are challenging to locate choice. Also, a very small amount of the silver-clad dollars were coined by error at the Denver Mint dated as 1974-D, 1976-D and 1977-D. There were also some Ike silver dollar proofs in 1974 of the Bicentennial dollar at the Philadelphia Mint that were coined without a mint mark however, none are known to survive


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