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How to Collect Ike Silver Dollars

Updated on August 15, 2012

Tips For Collecting Ike Silver Dollars

The simplest way to go about collecting Ike silver dollars is by purchasing an entire set in a display holder. If you begin collecting Ike silver dollars in this way, a complete set will include 40 percent silver coins in both Proof and Uncirculated formats along with copper-nickel clad coins. Depending on quality, collecting Ike silver dollars is not overly expensive to start for a complete collection of the nation's final circulating coin of this size.

Although to being collecting Ike silver dollars by purchasing an entire set is convenient, it does take some of the excitement out of the process for seasoned collectors. Just because collecting Ike silver dollars is deemed common by some or is inexpensive, does not mean that one should not enjoy the pursuit of locating the finest specimens.

Like all other coin series, there is a challenge to collecting Ike silver dollars when your goal is to assemble above average grades in your Ike collection. The greatest reward to collecting Ike silver dollars is to display an example of every available date in various metallic compositions.

When collecting Ike silver dollars, you will notice that some dates will be dull while others have sharp strikes with a premium surface quality. At today's low prices, if you are collecting Ike silver dollars and you come across a dealer with a large stock of brown and blue holders, it is very wise to take the time to go through them and find the perfect ones and add as many worthy ones to your collection that you can get a hold of.

Individuals collecting Ike silver dollars are finding that general circulation dates seem to be getting scarcer, especially those in mint state.

Ike Silver Dollar

Mints and Dates

Varieties and Mints

When collecting Ike silver dollars it is essential to be educated on the varieties and mints produced that were deemed variety one and coined in 1971 and 1972. A higher relief, or variety two was used for the 1971 Proof issue, the 1972 silver clad issues and as well as a few of the 1972 Philadelphia issues. Starting in 1973, a higher relief, variety three, was issued, being the final modification. Over 600 million of all varieties total were minted.

If you intend on collecting Ike silver dollars, you should know that there are a few difficult one to obtain. The copper-nickel clad issue from 1972 is a top-quality coin as well as the 40 percent silver clad Proof coin from 1973. In 1974, less than two million Proof silver clad coins were distributed which are worth finding if you are collecting Ike silver dollars as well as the limited mintage Bicentennial issues.

Bicentennial Coinage Dates (1776 to 1976)

If you are collecting Ike silver dollars, you should know the American Bicentennial coin produced in 1976 was a huge success. The obverse remained unchanged except for the “1776 to 1976” dual date. For those collecting Ike silver dollars, the reverse was a special treat, featuring a superimposed Liberty Bell over the moon. There were quite a few metal combinations and varieties but if you are collecting Ike silver dollars, you will be interested in the hard to find silver clad issues with a Proof 65 or higher.

1977 and 1978 Issues

After 1978, the coin was discontinued. For the final two years, only the copper-nickel clad varieties were coined. Quantities of these are still plentiful for those collecting Ike silver dollars, including Proofs. These are exceptionally attractive coins in higher grades that do increase in value and are a sound investment for anyonecollecting Ike silver dollars.


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