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Jadoku RPG Minecraft Texture Pack (32 x 32)

Updated on June 29, 2011

Another day, another Doku, that's how it seems sometimes with Minecraft texture packs. Jadoku is the most recent incarnation on the Doku theme, and it's proving rather popular so I figured I'd go ahead and review it for the tired and jaded amongst us. This texture pack does its best to fit with the original Doku RPG style texture pack, which is no longer being developed.

Does it do a good job of it? Yeah, pretty much. Can't complain certainly. The feel of the original Doku RPG pack is very much in place. Still have the 'ribbed style' dirt, still have the pleasantly ridged bark textures, still have the ominous iron doors.Other more recent elements like powered rails work fairly well (they simply look like gold plated rails, which makes sense as the main ingredient of such rails is gold.)

Stone slabs are very pleasant. They have the slightly pockmarked appearance of casually laid concrete, which works rather well I think. The art is perhaps a little too much on the cutesy side. This is, after all, a RPG pack. What kind of RPG has pokemon style creatures grinning their way across the walls like lunatics? Glowstone is magic, actually it is possibly the best glowstone I've ever seen as it manages to look good both as an ore and as a decorative light source.

That brings us to the Nether, which for the moment is a fairly boring place, but after 1.8 that should all change. I actually quite like what the Jadoku texture pack has done with the nether, I like the darker nettherrack. Usually the nether is nothing more than a horrific eyesore. With Jadoku, it's not so eye-rendingly red.

So, do you Doku or don't you Doku? This remains a popular style of texture pack for several reasons. One, it's not so slick that it no longer looks like Minecraft when you use it.32 x resolution textures allow for a little more detail than the standard 16 x without going overboard. (There is a very prominent school of Minecraft texture pack thought that says you can have too many pixels.) Two, fans of old RPG games get an enjoyable nostalgia rush every time they use the pack, and three, it's very well put together. A great deal of care and attention have been taken with the textures in this pack. Also, the Doku RPG pack dates so far back into Minecraft history that it could almost be considered a default texture.

Download Jadoku RPG Minecraft Texture Pack


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