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Jakalier: Bakugan Mobile Assault Vehicle

Updated on January 19, 2014
Blue Aquos Jakalier 240G
Blue Aquos Jakalier 240G | Source

Jakalier is a bakugan Mobile assault that is used for increasing power level, and increasing speed in battle. Even when Jakalier is closed, he covers a lot of surface area like all bakugan vehicles. One special feature on Jakalier is that the front wheel can turn in a 360 degree angle, allowing it to go faster and be better at turning around. The dent for the bakugan to sit on comes with a built-in magnet as all other Mobile assault bakugan.

Darkus Jakalier Mobile Assault Bakugan 240G
Darkus Jakalier Mobile Assault Bakugan 240G
Red Pyrus Jakalier 230G
Red Pyrus Jakalier 230G

Jakalier can only be used by bakugan with the same attribute as it. For example, an Aquos Jakalier can only be used by Aquos bakugan, etc. The main attribute is Pyrus, but can also be found in Haos, Aquos, Darkus, and Ventus. When opened, Jakaliers’ two diamonds flip out to face almost parallel to the opponents’ bakugan. Darkus and Aquos have 240G’s, Ventus and Haos both have 220G’s, and Pyrus has 230G’s. Therefore, the power level can range from 220 to 240. I own a Aquos one currently that I feel so excited about (see picture). The DNA code is located at the bottom.

Jakalier has only been seen once in episode 23, where Dan used it to combat Ren and Sid. He dodged many of their abilities at first, showing it was very fast. Then, Dan fought back by using Jakaliers’ only known ability: Shooting Flamer. It easily hit Linehalt, and penetrated the consecutive attack from Rubanoid. So overall, Jakalier has a high speed, and is very strong. In the actual battle field, bakugan Mobile assault act differently from battle gear. First of all, the attributes are Pyrus, sub-terra, etc. This is in contrast from battle gear, where the only attributes are Gold, Copper, and Silver. The only vehicles that have been released so far are Impalaton, Jakalier, and Raytheus. Each has a few of their own featured ability cards and gate cards.

Jakalier has a fierce appearance, with a long front and two large diamond shaped wings sticking away from it. Something fairly noticeable on it is non-similarity to other bakugan traps and mechanical battle gear. Its shape is relative to an airplane, and has an elongated front to help it control. There is a main body, and the other parts of it lay flat and may cause some problems when moving it. Besides that, it is easy to close. However, many people miss that the two spikes that are connected to a gear are suppose to be held closed before the wings are. Also, some parts will open others when they are closed. Overall, Jakalier is a very cool and brand new Mobile assault vehicle and is definitely worth buying in stores.

Jakalier Video Review Youtube

Aquos Jakalier and Rubanoid
Aquos Jakalier and Rubanoid
Gray Haos Jakalier and Closed Ball Form
Gray Haos Jakalier and Closed Ball Form


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