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John Smith Minecraft HD Texture Pack (32 x 32)

Updated on January 26, 2011
John Smith HD Texture Pack with Wild Grass and Better Light mods installed.
John Smith HD Texture Pack with Wild Grass and Better Light mods installed.

One of the most popular 'natural' texture packs, the John Smith Minecraft texture pack bumps up resolution from 16 x 16 to 32 x 32, adding just that little bit more detail to the game without entirely eroding the primal pixel feel of the whole affair.

I actually prefer this 32 x 32 approach to many of the 64 x 64 packs because the 64 x 64 packs, in my opinion, make the game feel a bit harsh. This makes little to no sense because in theory, 'better' textures should make for a better looking game, but its just not the case. What I also like about this texture pack is that it doesn't replace the default texture pack like some other HD texture packs do, so it doesn't lock you in to always using the same texture pack from that day forth.

The John Smith texture pack is compatible with other mods, like the Wild Grass, Better Light and Better Grass mods, which all significantly improve the way Minecraft looks.

John Smith Texture Pack Highlights:

  • Water is no longe a streaky affair, it is lighter, brighter and holds a visually appealing ripple pattern rather well.
  • Wood textures, as seen on trees have been redone in such a way that from a distance, trees actually look round. This adds a considerable amount of realism to the game. Tree leaves now actually look like real leaves.
  • Dirt has been given a similar treatment and no longer appears to be made of blocky squares, but rounded chunks.
  • Flowers now appear in bushes, which not only looks better, it makes a great deal more sense.
  • An improved GUI, especially in the lower inventory bar significantly improves ease of play. A great many texture packs actually manage to make this interface less visually appealing, but John Smith takes the simple approach and it works out wonderfully. Furnaces and crafting benches also come with stylish updates.
  • Wooden planks and ladders have an RPG style appeal, with ladders appearing to be bound together with twine and wooden planks being very distinctive in style.

How To Install

The John Smith texture pack comes in a .rar file. You don't just drop this .rar into your texture pack files as you do with other texture packs. You'll need to close your Minecraft game, unzip the .rar and follow the installation instructions.

It is necessary to run Xau's HD patcher in order to use the John Smith Texture pack sucessfully, without it, brick will be rendered as portals and flame, which looks rather odd and rather detracts from most Minecraft projects.

Download John Smith HD Texture Pack


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