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Jungle Heat Guide: Tips for Beginners

Updated on November 3, 2013
Jungle Heat
Jungle Heat | Source

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Jungle Heat gives a very modern warfare feel to it. The game interface is very clean and nice looking, making it extremely appealing for casual gamers. The goal of the game is to build a strong fortress to prevent enemy attacks and raid other player's bases for resources.

Gunner | Source

Gameplay Basics

Since this is targeted for mobile devices, the gameplay is very simple. You build up your base, and train troops to attack other bases. When scouting for enemy bases, you can choose to deploy your troops anywhere outside the vicinity of their base.

Ideally, you will want to have a diverse set of troops to deal with different things such as enemy troops, enemy turrets and buildings. When you successfully defeat their base, you gain resources and glory points. You can use those to resources to build up an even stronger army or base.


Gold - The main currency for upgrading buildings and hiring troops.

Oil - Used for upgrading buildings.

Gem - The real money currency. This is your pay to win solution.

Buildings and Troops

I am going to give you a breakdown of the different buildings and troops that you can build and train.


Command Center - The heart of the base. Destroying the enemy Command Center ensures victory in combat. Place your Command Center in the middle of your base and protect it in every way possible. Upgrading the Command Center will give you access to new buildings.

Note: Try to build walls to protect it for defense and also place turrets around it for maximum protection.

Clan HQ - Troops that are sent by the members of your clan are located here. These troops can attack or defend. Upgrade the Clan HQ to increase its capacity.

Gold Mine - This generates gold for you. Upgrading it increases gold generation rate.

Gold Storage - This hold the maximum amount of gold for you. Upgrading it increases the gold capacity.

Oil Mine - This generates oil. Upgrading it increases oil generation rate.

Oil Storage - This hold the maximum amount of oil for you. Upgrading it increases the oil capacity.

Worker's Hut - This is your builder. Having more of this allows you to build more buildings at any given time. 3 builders will allow you to build 3 buildings at once. This increases your efficiency.

Barracks - You train your troops here. Upgrading it unlocks new units.

Rally Point - This holds your troops. Upgrading it increases the maximum capacity.

Lab - The Lab lets you upgrade your Troops and their support. Upgrade the Lab to get more options.

Cannon - Fires at enemy ground forces. Upgrade the Cannon to increase firepower. Cannon cannot defend your base during its upgrade.

Note: This is your most basic defense building.

Watchtower - Attacks long-distance and aerial targets. Upgrade the Watchtower to increase firepower.

Mortar - Attacks large areas. It's ineffective in close combat. Upgrade Mortar to increase firepower.

Note: Build walls around it for maximum effectiveness.

Jericho - Missile launcher that hits on aerial targets. Upgrade the Jericho to increase firepower.

Note: Only shoots 1 air troop at a time.

Flame Tower - Attacks enemy aerial and ground forces. Upgrade the Flame Tower to increase firepower.

Defdrone - A camouflaged defence mechanism that is activated when enemy aerial or ground forces approach.

Traps - You can use different traps like Dynamte, traps and Big bada boom to deal extra damage to enemy troops.

Evil Guy
Evil Guy | Source

Troops Guide

Slasher - Most basic grunt unit. A melee fighter that is rather quick.

Spy - These guys are extremely quick and does double damage to resources.

Rifleman - Ranged attackers.Attacks ground/air units.

Gunner - Short ranged ground attacker only.

Bomber - Great against buildings and walls.

Hornet - Splash ground damage.

Pyro - Splash ground damage trooper. This is an excellent ground unit.

Nurse - Your classic healers. They heal your troops. Always have a few in your army.

Black Hawk - A flying helicopter that does splash damage to both ground and air units. This is a good unit. Try to get it asap.

Iron Storm - The most power ground unit attacker.


Here are some tips that will help you:

  • Always have a diverse set of troops when attacking
  • Upgrade your gold/oil storage to increase your capacity to upgrade your buildings
  • Do PvP every day for bonus honor points
  • Only raid bases with plenty of resources

I will be updating this guide as I get further into the game. You should definitely try this game out!


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