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League of Warriors Guide - Tips For The New Facebook Game

Updated on December 16, 2013
League of Warriors
League of Warriors | Source

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League of Warriors is the newest game in town. Right now, it is still in beta stages, so there will be a lot of changes in the future. However, the basics of the game should remain the same.

Screenshot of the Game
Screenshot of the Game | Source

Basic Gameplay

In League of Warriors, your goal is to build a massive army to invade other territories and also form a formidable fortress so other enemies will find it hard to invade to take your resources.


Gold - Your main currency for upgrading.

Food - Your main resource for buying troops and upgrading.

Gems - The real money currency. This can be used to speed up everything or just instantly completing your buildings or troops.

Basic Buildings

Headquarters - This is your heart of the base. You can upgrade it to unlock new buildings, defense, army buildings and much more.Try to keep your Headquarters in the center and protect it with walls as losing it means you lose your resources.

Worker's Hut - This provides you with a worker to build your buildings. You can only do 1 task at a time if you have 1 worker. Getting more is always a good idea later in the game.

Food Farm - This produces food that is use for building upgrades and also training battle units. Upgrading it maximizes food collection.

Gold Mine - Produces gold for you that is used for upgrading buildings. Upgrading it maximizes gold collection.

Food Storage - This is the max amount of food you can hold. Upgrading it increases the max capacity.

Gold Storage - This is the max amount of gold you can hold. Upgrading it increases the max capacity.

Note: Make sure to protect your food and gold storage with turrets and walls because invaders can steal plenty of resources from it.

Defense Buildings

Keep in mind that towers that are being upgraded cannot attack during defense.

Guard Tower - Basic tower defense that attacks ground and flying units.

Cannon - Powerful ground tower defense. It cannot attack flying units.

Bombard Tower - Powerful ground tower defense with splash damage. It cannot attack flying units.

Crystal Tower - Strong flying unit tower defense. It cannot attack ground units.

Artillery Tower - A very good tower unit that attacks both ground and flying units and DEALS splash damage.

Wall - Your most basic wall to protect your buildings. You can get better walls as you upgrade your headquarters.


Barracks - The building that allows you to train your troops. You are able to get better and stronger units once you get the academy or upgrade your barracks.

Academy - This building allows you to research better units.

Warrior's Camp - This is the building that allows you to store your trained troops. Upgrading it increases the number of troops that you can hold.

Dragon Castle - This trains your dragon and also allows you to get more powerful dragons. Dragons are great at siege because they can hit multiple targets.

Shield - This protects you from people invading your territory. A longer shield gets more expensive and they can only be bought using real money.


Here are some tips for you to help you in the game.

  • Use your workers wisely as if you only have 2 to start with. You can only work on 1 building at a time.
  • Put your headquarters in the center so you can protect it with walls. Losing your headquarters mean losing your defense in a siege from invaders.
  • Mix up your troops a little. Have some mages and warriors. Having all melee or ranged is not a good idea, especially if you have many ranged opponents.
  • Add many friends so you can get free units from them. This saves you a lot of food and time to train up more troops.


There you have it guys! I will be adding more information on different buildings and units once I get more information out of it. In the mean time, I think you should try out the game. It has a lot of similarities with Clash of Clans on the Android. However, I really dislike playing this type of games on the phone, so this is good for me since I can just play it on my computer and not a small screen of a phone.


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