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Microsoft's Xbox 360 Kinect

Updated on June 18, 2010

On June 13, 2010, at the E3 video games conference, Microsoft announced that their new motion-control device, which was previously codenamed Project Natal, is now called Kinect. With Kinect, you'll be able to control the stuff that is going on in the video games just by moving your body around.

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You will not need any external controllers because your body will be the controller. This will allow anyone who knows how to move their body to be able to play video games. You no longer need to learn complex combos and how to use these controllers, you just simply move your body around to play.

Kinect definitely will open up many possibilities when it comes to video games that were never before possible because of controllers and cables. While the Nintendo Wii and Wii Fit made some strides in this motion-gaming arena, Kinect will for sure take motion-gaming to the next level.

Hopefully with this hub, you'll be able to learn all you can about Microsoft's Kinect, how Kinect works, and some of the Kinect games available.

The new Xbox 360 Kinect camera to allow you to play games using only body motions.
The new Xbox 360 Kinect camera to allow you to play games using only body motions.

How Kinect Works

When you're able to move your body around with no cables, no controllers or anything, and you can still control what is happening on the screen, it obviously piques your curiosity for how it works.

Kinect is not just one camera, it's actually 2 different cameras with two functions, all in the same casing that when combined with software, can judge your distance, your movements, and even multiple players.  The first camera is an RGB camera, much like the standard video camera.  It will be able to capture the image of you, and see a 2 dimensional picture of your movement.  The second camera is an infrared camera which will be able to judge your distance, as well as the distance and depth of other items in the room.  These two cameras are able to differentiate between humans and other objects in the room.  It can even differentiate between different players who may be in the line of sight of Kinect.  Kinect can see 40+ joints in your body, and so the types of intricate movements you'll be able to make will be able to be sensed helping your gaming experience to be even more exciting. 

Another exciting feature of Kinect is that is has amazing voice recognition capabilities.  So, not only will you be able to control the game by moving your body, but you'll also be able to control it by speaking out commands at various points during the games.  This adds even more opportunities to expand your gaming experience.

Kinect Details

Release Date: November 4, 2010.  (Just in time for the 2010 holiday season, Project Natal will be hitting the shelves.)

Price: Not yet released (rumors between $80-$150).

Launch Games: 15 total...

  • Your Shape by Ubisoft
  • EA Sports Active 2 by EA Sports
  • Kinectimals by Microsoft
  • Sonic Free Riders by SEGA
  • Kinect Sports by Microsoft Studios & Rare
  • Deca Sports Freedom by Hudson
  • Dance Central by Harmonix & MTV Games
  • Adrenaline Misfits by Konami
  • Kinect Joy Ride by Microsoft Studios
  • Dance Masters by Konami
  • Biggest Loser: Ultimate Workout by THQ
  • Kinect Adventures by Microsoft Studios
  • Motion Sports by Ubisoft
  • Zumba Fitness Party by Majesco
  • Game Party in Motion by Warner Brothers


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