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Pre Order Kinect

Updated on June 18, 2010

If you are interested in the Kinect pre order for the Xbox 360, then just follow the Amazon picture/link below, and you'll be able to order it.

If you want to read more about Kinect, then you can read on beneath the Kinect pre order link.

Kinect Sensor with Kinect Adventures!
Kinect Sensor with Kinect Adventures!

If you pre order at Amazon by following this link, you'll not only be able to get FREE SHIPPING, but you'll Amazon's PRE ORDER PRICE GUARANTEE. Meaning, you don't have to worry about pre ordering Kinect now and having the price drop and be screwed. You'll pay the lowest price between now and November 4, 2010 when it ships.


What is Kinect?

If you haven't heard of Kinect (previously called Project Natal) then let me tell you a little bit about it.

Kinect is the new accessory for the Xbox 360, that will allow you to be able to control video games with your full body motions.  You'll no longer be tied down to controllers you don't know how to use, or that you wave around in the air (hoping you don't lose control and break your TV).  Instead, Kinect will be able to see and track your entire body motion, so that you'll have an entirely new way to control video games.

Kinect uses a regular camera combined with an infrared camera that uses software to join he two signals, so that your body can be tracked.  It even has a high-tech microphone that can allow you to speak voice commands to the games too.  Now that is what I like to call a full body experience.

Kinect Sports
Kinect Sports

Play some very fun sports games using only your body motions!


Kinect Games

Not every single Xbox 360 game will be able to use Kinect, instead there will be select Kinect games, or other games that will utilize both a controller and Kinect at some parts.

One of the games, Kinect Sports, will allow you to play various sports games by moving your entire body.  Soccer will be a fun game, as you'll be able to pass the ball, do some moves, and even head butt the ball into the goal!  Back volleyball will be great too since you'll be able to serve, bump, and spike the ball!  Kinect Sports will also feature quite a few track and field games.

Another game, Kinectimals, is a game that is geared towards younger kids.  Your kids will be able to have a virtual pet that they take care of, teach new tricks, and just have fun playing with.  The virtual pet will be able to recognize your child's voice.

Kinect Adventures will allow you to be able to go river rafting and even try and navigate some obstacle courses by dodging, ducking and jumping.  You can also play a new 3D version of the classic brick breaker games by hitting the balls with your head, hands and feet.

For those who are into fitness, Your Shape: Fitness Evolved will allow you to work out in the comfort of your own home, but you'll be able to get valuable feedback on your workouts as if you're working with a personal trainer.  The game can see your exercises and tell you if you are doing them correctly or not.

Pre Order Kinect

So if you think Kinect is totally awesome, then you should definitely consider pre ordering it so that you can have it in time for Christmas!  It will be a hot seller, and you don't want to be stuck without one.  Just click the link or picture below to be sent to Amazon to order it.

Since it is above $25, you will get FREE SHIPPING from Amazon, plus if the price drops between when you order it and when it ships in November, you'll pay the lowest price!


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