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Koda's Controllable Minecraft Pig Riding Mod

Updated on September 24, 2011

Riding pigs has always been an excellent way to while away the hours in Minecraft, atop your tasty porcine steed. The only real objection anyone could have to a fun afternoon's pig riding is the fact that pigs, even pigs with saddles, don't care what you want. They go where they please. This means you end up bouncing around aimlessly for extended periods of time and eventually Piggy Mc Piggerson falls into a lava pit and it's all over for you both.

The controllable pig mount changes the dynamic between you and your pig steed, making it sensitive to your commands. With this mod, you'll be able to ride your pig across the Minecraft plains in much less of the way cowboys ride unbroken stallions in the Wild West – bumpily and with some risk of injury.

That's the upside to this mod. The downside (depending on your definition of downside) is that there are a bunch of other elements added to the game with this mod. Like spiders that ride pigs, and pigs that ride pigs. It's apparently possible to have pigs stacked ten pigs high and roaming about the place on the back of one pig with you on top, as the lord of the pigs. I'm not entirely sure why this was seen as a desirable feature, I can only assume that the creator was in an existentially silly mood when the mod was created. The creator of this mod was Kodaichi, who is pretty much a modding legend these days, having created a girlfriend mod, a fairy mod and so many, many more mods.

I suppose there is something to be said for riding ten pigs at a time, I'm just not sure precisely what that is.


If you stack pigs three high or more, you will be slowed down, which is realistic. After all, even the strongest pig has a hard time carrying several other pigs and a rider on its back. On the positive side, most mobs won't be able to hit you when you are stacked 4 – 5 pigs high. That means you'll be a slow moving immortal – at least until it comes time to dismount and fall the height of several pigs. If you are on several pigs and you ride into a ceiling, you won't be able to breathe. This is in accordance with the laws of pig riding physics.


This mod will please you with its super easy installation. Unlike other mods which require various incarnations of Mod Loader, not to mention Spawn List mods and fixes and all the rest of it, this mod is simply installed by opening your minecraft.jar with WinRAR or similar, putting the unzipped files into it, deleting the META INF and carrying on your merry way.

Download the Controllable Pig Riding Mod!


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