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Koda's Fairy Friend Minecraft Mod

Updated on March 6, 2011
For more magical mods, visit:
For more magical mods, visit: | Source

This is probably the best Minecraft mod in the history of Minecraft mods. Not only does it have fairies (which are sadly lacking in most mods) but the fairies are potentially aggressive fairies capable of ganging up on you with their tiny fairy selves and beating you if you should disrespect them. This means that the fairy mod will suit players who like seeing cute little creatures wandering about the place and also players who wish to add a potentially dangerous foe to their game.

My favorite aspect of fairy warfare is the way that fairies will grab you and fly you up into the air before dropping you. This hilarious, though devastating attack can be prevented by swatting at the fairy before she gets you too high into the air.

You can tame a fairy friend by making her a hat of flowers. A tamed fairy can be taught to sit on your head as you travel around and she'll help you out by beating her wings, which will allow you to glide short distances and jump two bricks instead of one! Once tamed, a fairy will be a faithful companion, but only up to a certain point. If a Queen spawns in a nearby area, your fairy friend will toss her hat aside and leave you, for there is nothing so charismatic and wonderful as a fairy Queen.

Fairy Queens can be identified by their crowns and golden swords. Fairy Queens cannot be persuaded to be your friend with flower hats because they have crowns and no lowly flower hat you could possibly fashion would be better than that.

Fairies spawn in groups, but unlike sheep and cows and such that often spawn in groups of two or three, fairies can spawn in groups of up to sixteen. That's an awful lot of fairies. If you leave them alone they're neutral mobs, but if you attack one of them then they call to the other fairies and it is on like the proverbial donkey kong. Fairies do not do much damage alone, they can only hit for one heart, but if there are several of them, you may be in trouble. In addition to their grouping powers and their lifting attacks, fairies are also able to take your weapons from you occasionally, which could be deeply problematic for you. Queens are even more difficult to deal with. A Queen can hit for the same damage as a zombie when she is angered and she is much quicker at lifting her victims skyward than her subjects.

This is another one of the inimitable Kodaichi's mods. You may remember Kodaichi from such mods as, Charlotte the Minecraft girlfriend mod.

If you love fairies, downloading this mod will make you a happier person on the inside.

Download Koda's Fairy Mod


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