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Lalaloopsy Buttons Dolls Playsets Birthday Party Supplies Mini Dolls Bee Spells Alot and Friends! Shop and Buy Online

Updated on June 29, 2015

Lalaloopsy Dolls

The latest must have doll for girls of all ages is the Lalaloopsy Doll by MGA Entertainment.

Lalaloopsy dolls come to life as the last stitch is sewn onto her specially picked fabric.Each doll takes on the personality of the fabric they were sewn with.

Rag Dolls that have movable head arms and legs, they are adorable to say the least.

Each doll Includes:

  • Adorable pet
  • Promise certificate
  • Collectible poster
  • Unique Birthday that represents their style (ex: Oct 12- Old Farmers Day)

Your child will instantly fall in love with these unique, special and beautiful dolls. They are truly a must have!

For the collector? These dolls are a must have for your collection! You will not be able to resist the urge to showcase and share them for years to come.

Mini Dolls and Playsets!

What is more exciting than a Lalaloopsy Doll?

Mini-dolls and playsets! These mini-versions of the real and original dolls are all too cute and a must have! The packaging becomes their home as it is reusable and adorable for each doll. Pets are mini and come with jut as the large doll.

Tea Parties with the girls! Set includes mini Crumb doll, small mouse, two chairs, tea table, teacups, teapot, and cookie jar. What could be more fun!

The Pillows Sleepover Party includes Crumbs Sugar Cookie and Pillow Featherbed doll, bed, teapot, table and more.

What else could be more fun than a sleepover with Lalaloopsy?

Pillow Featherbed
Pillow Featherbed

Pillow Featherbed

 Pillow Featherbed is made from a babies blanket. She loves to nap, have stories read to her and snack on milk and cookies. Her pet is an adorable sheep.

Bright in color and already in her pj's, she is just as cute as ever and bound to be loved by your child! 

Jewels Sparkle
Jewels Sparkle

Jewels Sparkle

 Jewels was created from the fabric of a Princesses gown. From head to toe this doll is royality. She loves to dance and sparkle in her gorgeous jewel studded gown. No princess is complete without a tiara which Jewels wears atop her hair with her head held high.

What royal princess would have any other pet that a Persian kitty? Jewels enchants the kindom with her pink Persian besides her.

Crumbs Sugar
Crumbs Sugar

Doll Mittens and Crumb Sugar

Mittens Fluff 'n' Stuff Doll was sewn from an Eskimo's scarf. So it is no surprise that she has a polar bear for a pet and loves hot cocoa, snow fights, and snuggling by the fire.

The Crumbs Sugar Cookie doll was created from the fabric of a Bakers apron.

Step aside Martha Stewart! This doll has perfect manners, the perfect hostess and has many tea parties that includes tasty treats! What better than a mouse to clean up the crumbs as this is her adorable pet.


"We love Lalaloopsy!! These dolls are so cute and they are appropriate for children of almost any age. Very durable too."

ToyLoverNorthwest Portland,OR

Bea and Peanut

Bea Spells a lot is direct from the spelling bee as she is made from the fabric of a school girls uniform. Smart and sassy this one has an owl as her pet.

Peanut Big Top comes straight from the circus! She is sewn from the costume of a clown. Silliness is her strong point and she has an elephant by her side.

Lalaloopsy Twins!

The only thing better than a Lalaloopsy doll is having two! Twins!

These sweet girls were made from a piece of farmer’s overalls and both of them of course celebrate their birthday day at the same day October 12, known as Old Farmer’s Day.

They are early risers as they love to work hard on the farm. With their pets, a cow and a chick, they are sure to get the job done!

Spot Splatter Splash

Spot Splatter Splash is quite a cutie in her polka-dot and stripes! She is made from the overalls of a painter. She is super creative and loves bright colors and making messes!

Lalaloopsy Variety

There are quite a few choices for just the right Lalaloopsy Doll. You child is sure to pick the one that most fits their own personality and style. Enjoy!


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