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League of Legends Secret Over Powered Champions

Updated on September 24, 2013

Many very powerful champions are sleeping in League of Legends. These champions are very strong but are overlooked by many. Champions that have great scaling and abilities that are just waiting to have a major comeback. This champs are waiting to be discovered and spammed by the courageous and innovative individuals.

Malphite: Malphite has extremely well scaling and an incredibly good late game. If you survive to late game you are able to just shift team fights and shut down ad carries. Malphite is overlooked by many but he is just waiting to have an epic comeback.

Tips for Malphite: Pick against Attack damage tops and only ult carries in team fights

AP Tristana: Ap Trist has the best ability power ratios in the game, because she is generally played as an ad. Her burst is strong and the passive on rocket jump allows for good dmg in team fights if you stay alive.

Zilean: Zilean is a great champion with a decent amount of damage and an over powered ultimate. He farms well, does good dmg, and has great utility to the team. Ganking is very good as well.

Tryndamere: Tryndamere was extremely popular not a great while back but he was nerfed a couple times which has caused him to fall out of favor. Although these nerfs hurt a little, Trynd is still extremely powerful and effective vs many match ups. His damage is extremely strong and laning is phenomenal.

Lulu: Lulu is a great champ with high burst and great crowd control. Not only is Lulu good bot lane as a support, but she is also good as a mid. Her mid lane is great and is favored in many match ups.

Poppy: Poppy top lane is outrageous. It is hard to lane against and her passive is one of the best passives in the game. Not only does poppy have a great laning phase but she always is able to take down carries easier than any other top lane. Poppy is the best anti carry in the game and I am shocked that she is not played every game.

Orianna: Ori is one the best mid lanes in the game and her lane game is unstoppable. Not only is her burst great but her shield is one of the best in the game. Ability power stacked and Orianna is a menace. After a few nerfs she fell out of favor, but she is destined for a comeback.


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