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League of Legends Best Junglers

Updated on October 22, 2013

In League of Legends there are many champions that have the ability to jungle, but it is not a questions of just mindlessly clearing jungle camps all day. A jungler is much more than that. He controls much of the plays and kills in the early game and in some cases can be the difference between winning and losing. With a role this important it is vital that you know what champions are the best and for what reason. In this guide I will explain the best junglers and tips and tricks on playing them correctly.


Alistar is a great jungler because he provides so much early game pressure to the map. Because of an Alistar jungler, the lanes are forces to play much more cautious then if they were going against, lets say, a Shyvanna. Ali has the best level 2 ganks in the game and his job is to really just snowball the lanes then peel late game. He has some of the best crowd control in the game and can change team fights with it. To be a good Alistar player you must gank a lot early and gank successfully. A successful gank can be as much as a used summoner spell or forcing the enemy to go back.

Strengths of Alistar

  • Great early ganks
  • Very strong crowd control
  • Very tanky

Weaknesses of Alistar

  • Weak scaling into late game
  • Relies on strong carries

Cho Gath

The great thing about Cho is that he can clear the jungle extremely fast allowing him to obtain a lot of farm and get more powerful as the game progresses. Like Alistar, he also has great cc and can really be effective in team fights. Another great thing about Cho is that his ultimate can give your team a lot more control over objectives like Baron and Dragon. While his early ganks are good they are not as good as Alistar but still are a force to be reckoned with.

Strengths of Cho Gath

  • Really Tanky
  • Great Area of Effect CC
  • Strong buff and objective control

Weaknesses of Cho Gath

  • Can easily fall behind if counter jungled and killed
  • Relies on landing rupture to be effective


Although Mundo has fell behind since the recent nerfs, he is still a very strong jungler and if he gets extremely fed he has the ability to just melt carries and do tons of damage in team fights. Mundo relies on a lot of healing, so things like ignite can really be a problem. Over all Mundo is a very strong pick and a very good jungler.

Strengths of Mundo

  • Very tanky
  • High damage potential
  • Fast clearing


  • Can be countered with ignite and abilities that reduce healing regeneration
  • Is squishy during the early stages of the game if he is not fed
  • His ganks can be difficult if you do not land his clever

Lee Sin

Lee is a very good pick but in order to be viable you must gank a lot during the early stages of the game. Lee also has a weak late game if he does not get a lot of farm and experience which can be hard to do in the jungle. Like Alistar, Lee excels an early game pressure but he is also good at counter jungling. Lee, if used properly, has the ability to shut down other junglers and really give your team an advantage.


  • Good early game pressure and ganking
  • Good counter jungling


  • Squishy early game and late game if not fed
  • Bad late game in comparison to other junglers

Mao Kai

The great thing about Mao is that he can really apply a lot of pressure on lanes throughout the entire game. The popular thing to do on him now is the build mobility boots and just gank all day long. This really gives you the speed you need to twisted advance and set up kills for you team. Also his saplings are a great tool for giving vision and stopping invades.


  • Great ganks
  • Very tank
  • Very good ultimate that negates damage
  • Good late game


  • Can be easy to kill if he is behind on farm
  • People can flash into turret before twisted advance lands


Nocturne is a great jungler because he is just really good at ganking and has a lot of presence around the map. Players are forced to play more cautiously against a team when it has a Nocturne because the threat of ganks is always high. He is also able to clear the jungle very quickly but he also does it at very low health.


  • Really good ganks
  • Great ultimate that applies much pressure
  • Very useful spell shield


  • Clears the jungle at low health at early levels

Other Strong junglers

  • Olaf Very fast clearning and good late game
  • Nunu Good at counter jungling and disrupting the enemy jungler
  • Malphite Good clearing and great ganks at level 6
  • Udyr Fast clearing and good sustain
  • Shen Good ganks and late game scaling
  • Xin Zhao Great early game pressure


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    • profile image

      Four3al 5 years ago

      OMFG you fourgot about yi he is one of the best , and he can gank verry well

    • profile image

      DD 5 years ago

      Where is Cin, the best jungler now.


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