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League of Legends Guide to AD Carry

Updated on September 22, 2012

Ranged carry can be one of the hardest roles in League of Legends to master, but it can also be the most rewarding. A skilled AD carry has the potential to carry a great deal of games and sway the course of team fights. In order to be a great AD carry you must learn mechanics, trading in lane, and positioning.


In order to be an effective ad carry you must be able to farm very well. One of the benefits of ranged carries is they generally run attack damage runes so it makes it a lot easier to last hit. Last hitting is your bread and butter. It is the main factor in determining how much damage and gold you have which can make the difference between winning an engagement or losing one. This could be the difference between you getting fed or behind. I have played in low elo and high elo and one of the main differences is last hitting. Every single pro is good at it and you have to be good at it to make it to the top. It is just too important to the game.

Trading In Lane

This is a key in playing AD because if you can't trade well you will eventually lose the lane and either get killed or get denied farm and experience and who wants that? Gold and experience are all that matter when determining most engagements. If you are 2 levels above you counterpart you will most likely win any 1v1 or 2v2 fight. They key when trading in lane is to do as much or more damage to the player as they do to you. If you are constantly loses small skimishes in lane then you will probably lose the lane. They keys to success here are to always engage when either

  • All the cs have been cleared and the wave is pushing
  • The enemy's moves are on cool down
  • Your summoner spells are up and there's are not
  • Your ult is up and there's is irreverent or down
  • When you are getting a gank of course


A lot of inexperienced players can win lane a lot of the time and still lose lane. The most common cause of this is the lack of good positioning. In the late game, the AD carry is the most important factor in the team fight and losing one early can be the difference between winning and losing a fight. The key is to stay in the back of the line and focus the closes target with the lowest base health or the squishiest champion. You never want to dive into the enemy team in order to get their ad carry it is much more important to pick off the targets near you. This is a lot safer and if you can stay alive the whole fight while doing damage you will win every time.


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