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League of Legends How to Get More Kills

Updated on September 21, 2014

Kills in League of Legends are great because they give you gold and allow you to take objectives which ultimately win you the game. It can be hard to get kills when you first start playing the game and I am going to give you all the tips that you need to get more kills and become a beast.

Gold Income

In order to get kills, you need to be able to do damage and be strong. You do this by getting gold. Gold can come from jungle camps and also come from getting kills and objectives. Gold leads to better items and will allow you to win engagements with the enemy players. When you are fighting one on one, the person with more items and farm is usually the one that wins. Other factors do play role like champion and positioning.

The main way to start getting kills is to be able to farm better and get really good at last hitting. This will provide you all the money you need to get the good items that is going to make your champion really strong. If you are constantly missing last hits and not farming, you will always have a disadvantage and getting kills is going to be harder.

Ganking and Setting Up Kills

Most kills are not from one on one skirmishes, the are more from ganks and teaming up on enemy players. Ganking is an art form and takes a lot of practice to get really good at it. The better you are at taking less common paths and avoiding wards, the more kills you are going to get. Avoid taking common routes and take note of when players on the enemy team are overextended. Map awareness is key in being a good ganker.

You can always roam as well to get kills. Surprising enemies with ganks is a great way to get ahead and snowball other lanes. However, you do not want to miss out on gold and cs by roaming so it is important that you only roam when it is going to benefit you and your team. Do not waste time roaming and get behind in levels. This is a common mistake of newer and less experience players that you need to avoid making. Always have an end game strategy and never let yourself fall behind to where you can't recover.

Outplaying in Lane

You can get kills in lane by outplaying your opponent and outsmarting them. This is rarer and rarer the better players you play against and is going to get harder as you rank up. It is important to note that it is more important to not so much try and make huge plays, but wait for the enemy to make a mistake and capitalize on it.

Getting kills in lane is mostly comes down to out trading the enemy player and landing your abilities and avoiding taking damage as much as possible. You are never going to be able to avoid damage completely, so it is important that you trade efficiently and do more damage to the enemy then you take. Put yourself in ideal trading opportunities and engage the enemy when they have abilities on cooldown or no mana. This will lead to solid trades and give you chances to go in for the kill.

Play Carry Champions

Carry champions are called carry champions because they can have such an impact on the game and literally carry the game because of such a high impact. Carry champions generally are really fragile and can die easily, which means they can be a lot tougher to play. You must have excellent positioning and no how to maneuver your champion and do as much damage as possible. Carry champions also do the most damage making them great for getting kills. Marksman champions are the kings of late game and get easily pick up triple, quadra, and even penta kills. Note that they take a while to get going and they can be really frustrating to play if you start getting behind. If you are kill thirsty, these are the champions that you want to be playing.

Avoid Dying and Getting Behind

Most people don't know but the more you die in League of Legends the less likely you are going to be to get kills. It may not seem like it is that important if you die a couple of times but when you die here is what happens. You give the enemy player a decent amount of gold, and you are dead for 20-60 seconds. During this time you are unable to get gold, kills, or experience putting you even further behind.

The amount of damage you do and the impact you have on the game is all subjective. It is based on the other players. If other players are out scaling you in kills and gold, it is going to be extreme hard to kill them and it is going to require a lot of out playing and skill. You could have all the skill in the world but it doesn't matter if the enemy player is 5 levels ahead of you and has 2 more complete items.


Make sure that you do not get caught out of position because you will die before team fights even happen. No one wants this happen because team fights are where a lot of kills happen. It is important that you know what champion you are playing and your champions role in fights. If you are a tank it is important to disrupt enemy lines and soak up damage for your team. If you are a carry you need to be in the back dealing as much damage as you possibly can. It is all about capitalizing on efficiency.


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