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League of Legends: Singed Guide

Updated on November 23, 2014

Singed: The Mad Chemist

I have spent quite a bit of time playing Singed. I would have to say he is my favorite champion. I've reached 1800 elo in solo queue ranked primarily off of playing singed. As such, I hope this guide will help anyone interested in giving this hilariously fun champion a try.


Most of the specific details you can locate on sites like the League of Legends Wiki for Singed but I will cover some basics.


  • Passive: Singed gains 2.5 health for every 10 mana he has. This passive plays a huge role in what items you will build, and is great for helping him tank out.
  • Poison Trail: This is Singed's primary damage and the skill you want to max out first. Wonderful for farming and team fights.
  • Mega Adhesive: This is the 2nd skill I max out because the slow is incredibly good and the area of effect on it is awesome for controlling team fight movement.
  • Fling: This damage gets pretty good at high levels but I still max this skill last as it's primary usage is simply to fling someone and not to damage them. However, I do get this skill first. It's particularly great for level 1 fights.
  • Insanity Potion: This ultimate is wonderful, boosting your magic resistance, armor, health regeneration, mana regeneration, movement speed, and ability power. On top of this it reduces crowd control effects. This skills lets you dominate team fights, tower dive, run to safety, catch people running away, as well as increase your damage output. The cooldown is also relatively low given that it lasts 25 seconds.

Summoner Spells:

  • Ghost: I always get ghost, it synergizes well with Singed's ultimate as well as poison trail. In my opinion, it is a must have.
  • Ignite: This is also a must have for singed, in my opinion. Early game this spell will get you tons of kills as most people will fight a Singed until they are very low simply because his damage output is minimal. But when they get to 1/4 or 1/5 life and they start trying to run away, keep them poisoned and ignite them. They'll feel pretty stupid but it works every time. Late game this skill is great to shut down any heal or regeneration built champions and teams. Wonderful for stopping any team with a mundo, soraka, sona, swain, tryndamere, or any champion with life leech.
  • Cleanse: In my opinion, don't bother with this skill, particularly with Singed's ultimate reducing crowd control effects. It can be nice to keep you running around and poisoning and flinging if you get targeted in a team fight, but other spells are much better. If you need to, pick up a quick silver sash.
  • Flash: I have seen a few Singed players full this off because it can help you snag a fling or get an easy turret dive, but I still find ghost to be better. It can definitely improve your ability to initiate, but personally that is what I use mega adhesive for since the slow is tremendous.
  • Teleport: Teleport is wonderful for farming and pushing with Singed, but I still think ghost/ignite is more important for fighting. Teleport would allow you to farm well, but unfortunately Singed is good at pushing but bad at taking turrets down. In my opinion, team fighting and lane fighting ability is more important than getting some extra farm.


Very frequently masteries depends on play style and preferences, so I will only discuss the masteries I use and no other options. You're welcome to experiment for yourself of course.


Defensive: Put 3 points in hardiness, resistance, and strength of spirit. Strength of spirit synergizes really well with Singed's passive and is wonderful while laning as Singed will take some damage trying to get minion kills.

Utility: Haste and perseverance are a must. Then max expanded mind and awareness. Awareness is great early game and for laning and expanded mind is great or Singed's passive. Then I take greed and 1 point in meditation. Max quickness, that's an obvious one. Then of course take intelligence and presence of the master.

I have also heard of people putting 9 or 10 in offensive or 21 in defensive, but these masteries are what I prefer. Feel free to experiment of course.


I use flat ability power quintessences, ability power per level glyphs, health per level seals, and magic penetration marks. Other options include health quintessences, move speed quintessences, and magic resistance glyphs. Health and magic resistance is fairly self explanatory, but the ability power makes you unexpectedly strong at lower levels. It becomes much easier to bait someone into a fight they will lose. They may think they can escape, but the 5 seconds of poison damage with ignite can do a lot more than they expect if you have an extra little bit of ability power.


This is tough and is heavily based on preference but I will list all the best items and then my preferences.

Rod of Ages, Banshees Veil, Rylai's Crystal Scepter, Heart of Gold, Force of Nature, Sunfire Cape, Frozen Heart, Abyssal Scepter.

I personally start with a mana crystal, then move to level 1 boots, catalyst, heart of gold, and level 3 boots (But Merc Treads if they have a LOT of crowd control). The heart of gold is for some extra gold as early game if a Singed farms too much they push their lane, which is simply too dangerous, but otherwise it can be difficult to get mininon kills because he is melee. If I'm doing well I then rush Rylai's. However, if our team is losing and the enemy has a fed player, I will get a negatron cloak or some basic armor to keep me tanky while I build rylais'. You can finish Rod of Ages first if you like but Rylai's is incredibly good for team fighting and an essential Singed item. After Rylai's there are many different options. Force of Nature is a common next item as the movement speed and regeneration is great for Singed. However, if I'm doing well I may build abyssal to increase my team's damage output. If our team is heavily on the offensive I may go for Sunfire Cape as the armor is nice for turret diving. If their team has a fed dps carry I may chose to go frozen heart instead as the cooldown reduction, mana, armor, and reduced attack speed for enemies is incredibly. Overall, it simply depends on the game. I might go for Banshees if their team seems to have a bit of crowd control or burst like an Amumu or an Annie. Simply pay attention to what you need to build to counter the enemy. But any of the items listed above can be great.

In Lane:
I personally think Singed is much better at bottom lane in a duo than in a solo lane, but solo Singed can do very well as well. However, this will be mostly for bottom lane. Singed's laning ability is incredible as the slow and fling is great for targeting someone and the poison allows you to fight both at the same time. As soon as Singed hits level 6, he is very good at fighting a 2v2 and it should be easy to pick off a kill. Until then, he can be a little squishy depending on masteries and runes so be careful. Avoid the urge to poison everything and push your lane! Be patient, control your pushing, and learn how to bait a fight. Fighting with singed is the art of flirting with death because you need to convince them they can kill you so that they chase you around. In doing so they take so much damage from poison that you end up winning. Use bushes to your advantage and be tricky. Make them think they can kill you. With your ultimate on you can last fairly long in a fight due to the regeneration and extra armor/magic resistance. Don't forget this. But if your ultimate wears off during the fight, be very careful.

Team fighting:

You have 2 options in team fights, protecting allied carries or attacking enemy carries. Keep in mind Singed is great at initiating as well. If you're going offensive, chase down a carry. They will either run and be taken out of the fight, or get tossed into the mayhem and die. If you have rylai's in the process of running through their team to grab their carry you can slow down everyone which helps give you an edge in the fight and keep your carries safe. If you're going defensive, place a slow by your carry and throw anyone attacking them away. Either way, if you have a second or 2 to spare, get your poison on their entire team. It amounts to a lot of damage dealt and you can slow them all by 15% if you have rylai's. Overall, Singed is wonderful at team fighting as he is a great tanky support and in total can dish out decent damage. He is also great for late fight clean-up, protecting escapes, and chasing down those running away. You really can't ask for more out of Singed.

Fun Lane Combos:
Arianna + Singed
Poppy + Singed
Alistar + Singed
Taric + Singed

Give it a shot, they can be a riot. (No pun intended)

Anyway, I hope these tips help. Remember that playing Singed well is all about utilizing the amazing support abilities, initiating well, tanking, farming, targeting, protecting, chasing, and flirting with the fine line between life and death. Nothing is more fun than getting a triple kill as they chase you when you only have 50 life left.

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