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Lego Batman Strategy Guide 57: The Joker's Masterpiece, Part 1

Updated on October 26, 2008

Well, this is one area that will allow for lots of smashing including priceless works of art! On the right side of this room is stuff to smash that will make a fan to take you up to a place to smash the Lego Mona Lisa, and even smash a booth. This is one of three booths needed to find a canister.

On the left there is some elevator device you can build. It will not work unless you push the two pillars into their places. Let the Joker stand on the elevator, and the Scarecrow should pull the lever to raise it up. Joker needs to use his shock power to raise the elevator even higher. If he goes left, he can get some studs and take out a picture.

If he goes right, he can make it to the top, where he can knock down the first part of a rope that is holding a chandelier. If he knocks the other side down, the giant crystalline thing in the middle of the room will be destroyed, and some Lego pieces can be built into a ramp. Now Scarecrow can join the Joker in the fun.

There is a balcony area that has a door that you can’t open, and a statue on it that can’t be broken as yet. You’ll have to get this at Free Play. In the meantime, go to the Question Mark Riddler panel as Scarecrow and on to the next area.

Go out the main door and take out some guards. You will see a canister behind some lasers. It is very easy to shoot out the power box for the lasers and claim the First Canister.

Keep going until you reach a laser gate. To get past it, go to the right and assemble a spinner. Spin it, and a wall will slide away. Joker can use his electric powers to start a turbine that will open the gate. Some guards will come in, but they are easily dispatched.

Ignore the thing on the left for now, but it will come back during Free Play.

In this next area, the security cameras will recognize you and flood the room with gas. Go ahead and ignore the canister for now. Joker is unaffected by the gas, but Scarecrow is actually terminated upon contact. You need to get rid of the gas.

Have Joker take care of all the fine art downstairs, and he will find booth two out of three. He can then go upstairs and to the right, and take some stairs to build a fan at the top.

He can then jump down to go left, and there will be another booth in back of this area. This is booth three out of three, and he will have the Second Canister.


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    • profile image

      Audri 7 years ago

      this is helpful but its not finished so i hav no clue wat to do from here

    • profile image

      Avis 8 years ago

      This is great. Thank you! :)