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Lego Dino Raptor Chase

Updated on October 9, 2017

LEGO Dino is a theme of LEGO sets released in 2012. Children of all ages will love this series of LEGOs with its combination of realistic dinosaurs and construction of models along with mini figures that are really cool.

The LEGO Dino Raptor Chase set was one of the cheaper sets in this theme when it was released and was great value for money with its fantastic moving and snapping Raptor figure and the great vehicle designed for catching it along with two LEGO minifigures and their weapons. Of course, dinosaur fans want dinosaurs and this set contains one of the coolest LEGO dinosaurs available in the theme.

In this page I will introduce you to this LEGO set and allow potential buyers to look at the good and bad points of the set.

I hope you have fun taking a look at the Raptor Chase LEGO set and like it as much as I do.

LEGO Dino Raptor Chase 5884 - Trap The Raptor!


This is one of the best value LEGO Dino sets and a great way to add a really nice LEGO dinosaur to your collection. Two hero minifigures are equipped with a mobile dinosaur catching base and armed with tranquilizer darts, gas rockets and a noose to battle the ravenous Raptor.

Buy Your Own LEGO Dino Raptor Chase 5884 on

This is a really good set which makes a great gift for LEGO Dino fans, young or old. Here is a really good combination of minifigures, vehicle and, of course, the cool Raptor dinosaur which kids will just love. This is a great set in a theme which makes dinosaur fans like myself wish they were 6 years old again.

Raptor Minifigure

What's Cool

  • The Raptor dinosaur looks fantastic and has moving arms, legs, and head so that he can be put into a wide range of fierce and menacing poses.

  • The Raptor has snapping jaws that make playing with him really fun. He can run around and gobble up unsuspecting LEGO minifigures that get in his way.
  • The color scheme of this Raptor LEGO dinosaur is just what dinosaur fans want to see, exactly how we imagine him. The Raptor with this color scheme is unique to this set.
  • The Raptor is a realistic dinosaur that kids will go crazy for.
  • This LEGO Raptor has nodes on his back so minifigures can ride on him or saddles and weapons systems can be built upon him. What could be cooler than riding on the back of a dinosaur?
  • Made from hard plastic and feels like LEGO unlike the Coelophysis in the LEGO Dino Ambush Attack set. You even have to build this Raptor, assembling him from several pieces.

What's Not Cool

  • Nothing at all!

Hero Minifigures

What's Cool

  • These heroes have nice color schemes and neat body printing which really make them look like guys equipped to deal with anything.
  • Nice-looking hats.
  • Really cool guns with tranquilizer darts for subduing the dinosaurs but not killing them.

What's Not Cool

  • The second hero's hat looks cool but it does not fit tightly on him and can fall off.

Watch this detailed review of the whole LEGO Dino Raptor Chase set in the video clip below for more information on this set.

In this review you can see all aspects of the set in detail including close-ups of the minifigures and the Raptor dinosaur as well as the constructed vehicle.

LEGO Dino Raptor Chase 5884
LEGO Dino Raptor Chase 5884

Awesome fun with two hero minifigures in their well-equipped mobile dinosaur catching base attempting to capture the menacing Raptor who is hungry and ready to eat anything it its path.

You want cool Lego dinosaurs? Well let me introduce you to Mr Raptor.


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