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Leupold Golden Ring Binoculars

Updated on June 30, 2011
Leupold Golden Ring HD 10x32mm Binoculars
Leupold Golden Ring HD 10x32mm Binoculars

Tips before buying Binoculars

Go and look at some different binoculars and see how much they cost and what features they have.

Here is a site where you can see lots of good images of both new and vintage binoculars.

Buying binoculars can be confusing. What do all those numbers mean and why do you care? Which is better 10×50 or 12×25? This guide can help you sort through the confusion and make the right decision for your needs.

Power - The power of the binoculars is the level of magnification. This is denoted by the first number. Binoculars that are 10×50 are ten power. They will allow you to see at 100 yards as though you were 10 yards away. This is probably the single most important factor in your decision.

Focus - There are three types of focus methods found on binoculars today. "Permafocus" and "Instafocus" are trademarks of the first type. These are pre-focused for you and can save you time. Second is a center rocker-arm focus. This is not quite as fast but will generally give you good results. Third is the center barrel focus where you twist a knob. This type is the slowest of the three.

Diopter - You should verify that any binoculars you buy have a diopter adjustment ring on the right eyepiece. This adjustment allows you to configure the binoculars for your specific eyes.

Size - The size of the binoculars can make quite a difference in how comfortable and convenient they are for you to use. Smaller, lighter binoculars will be much more comfortable hanging around your neck for four or five hours. Given two binoculars that are equal in every other way, take the smaller ones.

Objective Lens - This is the "other" number, that is, those 10×50 binoculars are ten power, but have a 50mm objective lens. The larger the second number the more light the binoculars will let in.

Leupold Golden Ring HD 8x42mm Binoculars
Leupold Golden Ring HD 8x42mm Binoculars

Leupold Golden Ring Binoculars

If you care about visual perfection (price be damned!), this deluxe unit is for you! The Golden Ring offers superior crispness, images brighter than those in other models, and a smart focus lock that keeps sharpness immune to clumsy fingers so that you can, well, focus.

Golden Ring Features

Leupold® Golden Ring® HDTM Binoculars are high-performance optics that feature superior color fidelity, contrast, and resolution, thanks to superior technology including the Leupold exclusive Index Matched Lens System®, HDTM technology and DiamondCoatTM lenses. High-definition, calcium-fluoride lenses and plasma-coated prisms push that performance to the very limits. The clarity, brightness, contrast, and color fidelity are stunning, even to sophisticated binocular users.

  • Calcium-fluoride, high-definition lenses and lens coatings specifically matched to each lens surface and glass type.

  • The coatings are layered to minimize reflections and maximize the amount of usable light that reaches your eye. The result is a standard of brightness, clarity, and color fidelity like you've never seen before.

  • Easy to use with eyeglasses.

  • Phase coated prisms - phase coated, super-high reflection prisms reduce refraction and deliver more useable light to your eye.

  • Leupold's exclusive DiamondCoatTM and Index Matched Lens System® matches lens coatings to each lens for superior performance and optimal light management. DiamondCoat on exterior lens surfaces provides superior scratch resistance.

  • Ergonomic design - exceptionally well balanced, they actually feel more comfortable the longer you hold them.

  • The Leupold Golden Ring - this is your assurance that your optic is incredibly rugged and reliable, absolutely waterproof / fog proof, and is covered by the Leupold Full Lifetime Guarantee. (Second Generation Argon/Krypton waterproofing)

  • Interpupillary Distance Lock (IPD) lets you set the eyepieces to match the distance between your eyes, then lock them in place. No adjustments are necessary during can easily use them one-handed.

  • Wider perspective - with a field of view of up to 420 feet at 1,000 yards, for quick acquisition of targets, even in heavy cover.



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    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Very nice Hub here. I am a birder and have an appreciation for top end Leupold binoculars too.


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